Are you looking for a socially distanced team building event? Well, look no further!

We provide bespoke, socially distanced team building events to groups of 20+ which are easy to book and hassle-free on the day.

Your prayers answered.

Organising a group event has never been more difficult than right now, and finding a Covid safe, socially distanced team building event seems like an impossible task.

Thankfully, CluedUpp is here to help. Our events are held entirely outdoors, in almost any location worldwide, and there’s no contact with anyone outside of your team.

There is a stress-free booking process, and no difficult logistics to juggle on the day. We make socially distanced team building easy, safe, and affordable.

Here’s what you can expect from one of our events…


A group of socially distanced detectives at a CluedUpp team building event in Melbourne. The team are wearing Blues Brothers costumes and looking at their mobile phone.

A Crime Solving Experience

You and your colleagues will play the part of daring detectives, hot on the heels of a monstrous criminal that must be brought to justice.

Navigating the streets of your chosen location, you’ll uncover cryptic clues, solve perplexing puzzles, and interrogate virtual witnesses.

Working in teams to crack the case, you can expect some healthy competition to emerge as colleagues scramble to unmask the culprit in the fastest time.

There are a variety of themes available to choose, with our most popular being The Ripper and Witchcraft & Wizardry.

A group of detectives outdoors at a corporate event in the UK. There are three people in the image and one is looking through a magnifying glass at the camera.

A Virtual Mystery

The mystery unfolds virtually via our multi-award winning app, meaning there is no contact outside of your group, making this the perfect socially distanced team building event.

Simply download the app to your smartphones and you’re good to go. Load the mystery on event day and let the adventure begin.

Colleagues attending an event in the USA.

An Event Trusted By Some Of The World’s Biggest Brands

It’s an uneasy feeling when you’ve gambled your annual team building day on a little-known events provider, wondering if the day will turn out to be a minor disaster. Our extensive experience in hosting events should provide all the confidence you need to relax until the big day.

We’ve created team building events for organisations of all sizes, from local businesses and community groups, right up to global giants like Google, American Express, and Experian.

Our public events are incredibly popular, having been attended by over 500,000 people worldwide.

We have fantastic reviews which you can find here, and see how much people love our events.

We’ve also won a few awards, but hey, we don’t like to boast!

A team of detectives ready to take on the mystery. They are taking a photo in a mirror and are dressed in a variety of detective inspired costumes.

A Socially Distanced Day Your Colleagues Will Love

After the stress of Covid, your colleagues deserve an event they’ll enjoy and remember fondly for years to come.

Our events are thrilling mysteries that will immerse your team in twisted tales of deception and intrigue. Teamwork is a must to crack the case so everyone will have a chance to get involved and solve the mystery.

Put your group to the test whilst you give them a team building event they’ll truly enjoy.

At an outdoor event in the USA, this group is dressed as the gang from Scooby Doo. They have a mystery machine bus and are posing as in the cartoon.

A Stress-Free Process

Organising your team event shouldn’t be murder!

Fortunately, the day itself couldn’t be easier.

We’ll create the event for your chosen location and group number and then all you have to do is turn up. With the mystery unfolding outdoors via our app, there’s no need to book venues, organise equipment, bring supplies, or arrange transport.

Simply load the app on your smartphones and you’re good to go.

All you need to do to get started is fill in our short enquiry form with a few necessary details and one of our friendly team will be in touch.

At a Witchcraft & Wizardry themed socially distanced team building event, this group are dressed in Harry Potter outfits and are having their photo taken in a bar or restaurant.

A Budget Friendly Team Building Event

Our team building events are affordable, flexible, and can work within your budget.

Each event we build is unique and tailored specifically to the requirements of the customer.

All you need is an enthusiastic team of would-be sleuths on hand, and we can create an event specifically for you that comes in under budget whilst providing a fantastic experience.


A group at one of our outdoor team building events, they are wearing fake moustaches and are holding donuts on sticks.

A Unique Socially Distanced Corporate Event

There is nothing quite like a CluedUpp event. We have created a new type of immersive experience that gives people the chance to become a crime fighting hero in a real world setting.

Our events have been a huge success across the globe, having been held in over 50 countries so far. As well as being socially distanced, our team building events truly are events to be remembered.

If you wanted to mark the experience or share it online, our marketing team can help with branded assets that you can post on social media when you solve the mystery.

An image of a team taking part in a Ripper themed corporate event in the USA. They are looking down on the camera and are wearing vintage looking suits.

A Costumed Caper

I think we can all agree that everything is much better in fancy dress!

Getting your team to dress up in their finest detective outfits is strongly encouraged.

Imagine your company Instagram page or monthly newsletter with some stunning shots of your deerstalker-wearing colleagues posing as dashing detectives.

Team of players dressed as pigs at a Socially Distanced Team Building Event by CluedUpp Games. This team are walking down the street in Australia in inflatable pig costumes.

A Boost For Mental Wellbeing

Being outdoors in a fun, cooperative environment can have amazing benefits for your team’s mental health.

Events like ours are a great way to revitalise the team, building bonds between colleagues and helping them socialise whilst staying socially distanced.

The link between physical and mental health is well understood. As our events take place on foot with detectives exploring the streets in search of clues, there is an additional benefit to mental and physical health.

A group with a dog at a team building event in the USA. They are holding some police tape and crouching on the ground with the dog.

A Bit Of Friendly Competition

No matter what size your company, you can easily divide into individual teams or departments and race against the clock to become the fastest team to solve the mystery!

Introduce prizes for the fastest team, best dressed team, and best team name to really inject some competition between colleagues, and let the best team win.

A team of CSI dressed players at an outdoor corporate event.

A Great Way To Get To Know Your Colleagues Whilst Social Distancing

With office restrictions and working from home now commonplace, it’s getting harder and harder to get to know your colleagues and make those valuable, lasting friendships.

A CluedUpp event allows your co-workers to spend quality time with each other in a socially distanced environment - outdoors, where everyone can maintain a safe distance.

Sharing a common goal like solving a mystery is a great way for colleagues to connect, and team building events that are positive and co-operative like ours can help create connections that transfer into the workplace.

A group of mask wearing colleagues at an team event in the USA. They are wearing tropical shirts, straw hats and are posing for the camera.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the numerous benefits of team building, socially distanced team building event that brings a sense of adventure back into the workplace whilst being Covid safe, get in touch today!

Our stress free enquiry process will answer any questions you may have, and set you on your way to booking the perfect team building day.



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