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A new type of gaming experience

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Best dressed

Our flagship product, “CluedUpp Detective” is a city-wide, crime-solving adventure game.

Interrogate virtual witnesses across your town as you eliminate murder suspects and weapons. Will your team have what it takes to solve the case?

Check out our Events Schedule today to find a CluedUpp adventure happening near you!

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Best dressed

A gift to

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Best team photo

Surprise a loved one with the best gift of all - a fantastic day of adventure with friends and family at a CluedUpp Detective Day event.

CluedUpp Detective Days take place outdoors, across an entire city centre. Solve clues, unravel riddles and interrogate virtual witnesses as you try to crack the case. Will your team have what it takes to catch a killer?

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Best team photo

Bespoke team
days out

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Best team photo

Are you looking for a more bespoke experience or have a set date in mind?

We also provide Team Building opportunities, perfect for a company day out or special occasion.

For further details, get in touch with our team below!

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Best team photo
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