Have you noticed a few droopy shoulders, decrease in performance or just a feeling of mellowness amongst your team? Maybe it's time to check out the numerous benefits of team building!

We know it’s been a long year - we’ve been working remotely, stuck indoors and we’ve been disconnected from every day work life, separated from our colleagues.

As much as the daily video calls keep us talking, there’s nothing quite like face-to-face communication and bonding as a team in person…

We wanted to share the benefits of what a team building day can do for your employees - as much as it’s obviously a fun activity for all of the company, there are a ton of mental health factors that will give everyone a boost!

Here are 10 amazing benefits of team building:


Brightly dresses team enjoying the benefits of team building

Benefit of Team Building #1: Increases motivation

One of the key factors of organising a team-building day is to help with your employees' motivation. It can certainly help to increase employee motivation and nurture a successful company culture in a number of ways.

That feeling of when your employees complete a team building activity creates a momentum and makes them feel good and proud about themselves.

By organising a team building event; you’re showing them that you’re willing to invest in them.

Benefit of Team Building #2: Improves productivity

Another common goal for organising a team building event. It’s a great opportunity to identify ways to improve your policies, processes and procedures which all affect your employees’ productivity.

By encouraging employees to work together in a team building, your employees will be able to work together more efficiently which will benefit in the workplace.

Benefit of Team Building #3: Increases collaboration

Equally as important as the first two, an important benefit of properly executing a successful team building event is enhancing greater collaboration between your employees.

By creating or organising a team building event that your employees will enjoy and can experience as a group, employees can build relationships and develop networks of contacts outside their day-to-day role.

It will also increase collaboration when back in the office - after all, team work makes the dream work!

Brightly dressed investigators experiencing the benefits of team building detective days

Benefit of Team Building #4: Encourages creativity

Every successful business needs to have a creative spark amongst them - when you employ different people, you need them to have diverse perspectives and expertise in order to “cross-pollinate” the business with fresh ideas.

The more creative and the most out of the ordinary team building event you can provide, the more you’re giving your employees to use their imagination and let their inner creative shine - this will then follow through into the workplace as your employees bounce ideas off each other.


Benefit of Team Building #5: Enforces positive reinforcement

When was the last time you highlighted your employees' work achievements?

Team building can be used to provide recognition to employees by highlighting the work specific to employees and the behaviours that have led the individual receiving the recognition.

By incorporating recognition into your team building event, you are giving a strong message to every one of your employees about your company values.

Benefit of Team Building #6: Improves communication

The key to success in a team is communication!

A team building day is bound to improve communication between employees - especially fun, enjoyable activities that will help employees get to know each other, create a better understanding between one another and break the ice.

Team building events are a powerful way of developing collaboration and trust, nurture strengths and address weaknesses - your team will feel much tighter as a team!

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Benefit of Team Building #7: Helps to connect remote teams

If you’re like our team here at CluedUpp, we’ve had some new starters during the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning a lot of our employees have not met each other face-to-face.

Team building is the perfect opportunity to get everyone together after a year apart, to build on those foundations between colleagues who already know each other, plus build on new work-relationships that haven’t been formed properly.

Team building is a great way to shake things up, partner those up with colleagues who they’ve not connected with properly leaving your colleagues to feel better aligned and connected.

There’s only so much you can do virtually, right!?

Benefit of Team Building #8: Helps identify leadership qualities

Looking for that spark or potential in your team?

Team building is a great way for employees of certain authority and managers to identify who could be a good leader within their departments or within the overall team whilst taking part in a team building event as you can see who takes good control on problem-solving, who is a positive team player and who encourages other members of the team.

Team building = team development

Benefit of Team Building #9: Increases confidence levels

Team building days can really increase confidence levels amongst your colleagues - not only for their personal lives but their confidence in their abilities at work will increase too.

Who doesn’t want to feel more confident!? Team building can help increase the overall confidence within the workforce which will help your colleagues feel like they can express new ideas and depend on others within the group.

Benefit of Team Building #10: Improves mental health

Above anything else and with everything we’ve just mentioned combined - it will make a great impact on your employees’ mental health.

Team building provides opportunities for colleagues to get involved with problem-solving and physical activities which are good for people's mental health. By showcasing that you are capable of completing challenges, your employees will gain a huge boost and confidence.

Now you’ve read all of the amazing benefits of having a team building day with your colleagues - is it time to get something organised?

Let us create a bespoke crime-solving adventure for your company! Find out more here.



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