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Tell me more about CluedUpp Games?

CluedUpp Games is an award-winning British games studio that specialises in creating unique, outdoor adventure games. We turn cities into playgrounds with our giant outdoor events. Get dressed-up and play against hundreds of other teams in this unique city-wide experience.

Are CluedUpp Games covid-19 safe?

Our games take place outdoors in the open air and all witnesses are virtual, meaning the only people you come into contact with are your teammates. There are limited tickets available for each event in order to reduce numbers of players in the city, and teams will have different starting locations so as to avoid congestion. The game is completely self guided, so you can avoid other teams by taking an individual route - and we have extended the playing time window so teams will be participating at different times during the day. If you are experiencing Coronavirus type symptoms, please do not attempt to play - we will happily exchange your ticket for a game at a later date.

Can I bring my dog to an event?

Yes absolutely, dogs are more than welcome and as the whole game takes place outside, this means the majoirty if not all of the area's are dog friendly. Please beware of local restrictions and customs. We also don't count them as part of the team numbers, so your dog will get a free walk!

Can I have more than 6 players in my team?

We advise teams that you should play with no more than 6 adult players per team. The app will only allow 6 players to join each team.

Is this game scary or violent, I would like to bring my children?

Children play for free, but the game is not designed to be played and solved by children. The content is not gruesome or gory in anyway, but may contain descriptions of violence and themes that are unsuitable for children.

I am interested in attending your event, but I see it is on a Saturday, do you hold events on a Sunday?

At the moment all our events only take place on a Saturday.

Where can I find the events schedule for upcoming events?

You can find the events schedule on our website or please use the following link:

Is this game accessible?

Whilst we try to ensure all of our locations in the game (virtual witnesses and other area's) are fully accessible, the game is self guided, so we are not able to guarantee that the route your team takes will be accessible.

Is this game suitable for someone who is pregnant?

Due to the amount of walking involved in the game, we would not recommend the activity for someone who is pregnant.

I am looking to book a private event for a team-building session, is this a service you provide?

Yes, this is something we can do for you, please click the following link for more information

What time does the game start and finish?

We recommend that you begin the game anytime between 9am and 2pm. You do not need to book a start time, you can simply start the app and play at your own convenience. There isn't a specific end time for the game, although all competitions close by 5pm, so you will need to be finished by this time to be considered for the various prize categories.

How long does a game typically take to complete?

It takes on average 2-3 hours to fully complete the game, although this can vary depending on how leisurely or competitively you play

How much walking is involved?

This can vary greatly dependent on the route your team chooses to take, but on average most teams will cover around 3k to 5k on the day.

Are there any live actors involved?

No, all characters within our games are virtual and the game is played entirely via our award-winning app.

Is this game only in English?

Yes, the game content is currently written in English only.

How much data does the app use?

The app is approx 100mb from the store but individual data usage on game-day will vary based on a number of factors.

Can I exchange my ticket for a different game?

It's absolutely no problem to exchange your ticket for a different event. Please take a look at the event schedule and let us know which event (city & date) you would like to be swapped onto. If you see nothing immediately suitable, we will be adding a lot more dates and new events in due course. 

What is the start location for my game?

The secret start location for your game will be revealed along with all other instructions in your pre-game briefing. Please expect this email two weeks before your event. If you have not received your briefing, please let us know, but be sure to check your spam or any promotional folders in your email box before getting in touch.

I haven't received any instructions for the game, can you send these over please?

All instructions are sent two weeks before the game. If you are within this time period and have checked through your spam folder please let us know your order number and email address used for the booking and we will get your breifing re-sent.

What is the prize if my team win?

You will receive a FREE gift voucher to any other CluedUpp event of your choice.

I have not received my order confirmation or pre-game briefing.

Please check through your spam and promotional folders in the first instance. Try searching for "CluedUpp" in your email box. If you still cannot find our email, please contact us at with your full name and the email address that you placed the order with so that we can resend it for you.

I've forgotten my event date!

If you are unsure on the date of the event, please check via our online events schedule.

I have one ticket, can I have more than 6 in my team?

One ticket covers a team of 6 players. You may only connect up to 6 devices to each game in total.

I only have one code but have paid for multiple tickets, is that correct?

Yes, if you purchased more than one team ticket for the same game, then we've programmed your voucher code to work for all of your teams. Please simply forward the pre-game information email to the other team leader(s) and they will be good to go

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of my event, will it be postponed?

Generally, our games go ahead as planned in most weather unless we have contacted you to state otherwise. However, if you would like to postpone your participation, our Ticket Exchange Guarantee means you are able to exchange your ticket for any future game instead. Please email us at for further assistance.

Are tickets refundable?

CluedUpp tickets are sold as strictly non-refundable and refunds are not offered under any circumstances. Please find our full refund policy at However, our Ticket Exchange Guarantee means all tickets are fully exchangeable and it’s absolutely no problem to exchange your ticket for a different CluedUpp event. Please contact us at if you would like to exchange your ticket.

Can I give my ticket to some else? I can't attend the game now.

Yes, absolutely. You will be sent a set of pre-game instructions two weeks before the game. These instructions need to be given to the new player and they will be all set to participate in the game.

Can I exchange my ticket for a different game?

Yes, our Ticket Exchange Guarantee means it's absolutely no problem to exchange your ticket for a different event. Please check out the event schedule and let us know which event (city & date) you would like to be swapped onto. If you see nothing immediately suitable, we will be adding a lot more dates and new events in due course.

Can we swap team leaders during the game?

Yes absolutely. You can do this from the navigation menu whilst in-game.

Can we pause the game?

Yes. You can pause the game at any time from the navigation menu within the app. Please just be sure to re-start your game from the same location to avoid a time penalty.

I am the team leader. How do my other team members join the game?

Team members join the game by scanning the QR code given to them by the team leader. All team members will have to create an account and select 'Supporter' before scanning the QR code presented to them by their team leader.

We seem to be having GPS issues, can you help?

GPS can be affected by a number of things. We use the highest possible grade GPS technology available (outside of military-grade use), however GPS can be affected by the accuracy of the chip within your device and other environmental factors out of our control. If your GPS issue persists, you are still able to unlock the location points but may incur a small time penalty.

My voucher code doesn't seem to be working, can you help me sign in?

This is normally due to the code having been copied incorrectly. Please check that you have copied and pasted the code from our pre-game briefing email correctly. This will help to avoid any potential errors with the code. Please may particular attention to any special characters such as hyphens or other punctuation marks that may be contained within your code. If your issue persists please email us at for further help.

Where do I post pictures of my team and enter the various prizes?

Please post all pictures of your team onto the designated Facebook Events Page for your event. You can find details of the event page within you pre-game instructions email.

Can I post my experience online?

Yes, absolutely, we love seeing your photos and videos on social media. Please refrain from revealing the end answer or any of the answers to the riddles, as this will result in disqualification from the competition element and it will spoil the experience for others who may participate in the future.


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