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Finding exciting new ways to spend time with the people you love is hard. CluedUpp creates immersive outdoor experiences that bring families, friends and colleagues together in unique and innovative ways.

We offer exciting days out in over 1200 locations and more than 55 countries worldwide. Thousands of cities have been transformed into the setting of adventure and intrigue.

To date, over a million players have taken on the challenge and immersed themselves in a multi-award-winning CluedUpp event. Will you be next??

Our values

Here at CluedUpp, we create shared experiences that bring family and friends together.

Our aim is to provide unique, immersive, events that can be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere.

After a difficult time across the globe, everyone needs a reason to get together with family and friends in a shared adventure. We want to provide that opportunity.

Accessibility and inclusivity are principles which underpin the work we do - and our events can be attended by anybody who wants to take part. Most importantly, we want to bring people together to share an amazing experience, have fun, and enjoy themselves.


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Best team photo

Are you looking for a more bespoke experience or have a set date in mind?

We also provide Team Building opportunities, perfect for a company day out or special occasion.

For further details, get in touch with our team below!

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