If you’re looking to organise a team building event, step away from the desks and move away from indoors and step outside!

Have you considered outdoor team building events?

What’s the point of moving from the office into a smaller conference room, or a crowded venue? Going outdoors for a team-building event means you have the world at your feet and the options for outdoor team building events are limitless - it’s also been proven that taking your colleagues outside provides a whole host of benefits and advantages.

Here are 5 benefits of what outdoor team building events can do for your company…


Outdoor team building events - CluedUpp

Getting fresh air

Sometimes just stepping out of the office and getting some fresh air is just what your colleagues need.

Fresh air can help boost your employees concentration, it can improve their blood pressure and heart rate, cleans the lungs and can give more energy which equals a smarter mind when you return to the office.

It physically and mentally takes your colleagues away from their usual work setting and outside into a totally different environment where the possibilities of what you will achieve as a team are endless…

Outdoor team building events - CluedUpp

Physical and mental health improved

The wide outdoors can help from a mental and physical health point of view. If your colleagues are struggling mentally being stuck inside, this is a great way to help.

As mentioned above, physically, your health improves as you move outside equaling to lower blood pressure and improves heart rates if you’re doing something outdoors and physical for a period of time.

It’s also been proven that exposure to the outdoors can improve inflammation - you will also be surprised at how many steps you do on your step count if you’re doing a physical outdoor team building event.

Outdoor team building events - CluedUpp

Lowers stress levels

Let’s face it; we’ve had a tough year and a half - your colleagues could be suffering with some stress; even if it’s not immediately obvious.

It’s been proven that heading outside lowers stress levels by 70% and being exposed to the great outdoors reduces both heart rate and cortisol levels.

An outdoor team building event enables your colleagues to escape their everyday stresses, let go and enjoy something that everyone can get involved with in a positive way.

Outdoor team building events - CluedUpp

Improves focus and creativity

Outdoor team building events could be the natural therapy your colleagues need to boost their focus and creativity to use within the office.

Going outside and doing an outdoor team building event can enable your colleagues to think outside the box, enjoy new experiences and you never know, it might spark new ideas within your team that will help build your company - it helps your colleagues see things in a different light.

When it comes to improving your colleagues' focus, with any team building activity, your colleagues will be faced with new challenges that will require your team to concentrate and use their figuring out skills to get to the end result - it will wake your colleagues thinking skills which will come in handy back in the office.

Improves work relationships outside the office

Inside the office, your colleagues will have established their workplace friendships - but that might not be the case with some of your team.

A team-building event is put together for the purpose of bringing your team together, for better workplace collaboration and teamwork. Getting colleagues outside to enjoy the benefits of team building will enable your colleagues, who may not interact as much with each other, to work together in a fun and innovative way which helps build future workplace relations.

Team building is also a really helpful way to let your colleagues talk about other interests and things that are unrelated to work.

Our outdoor team building events will see your team of wannabe sleuths gather together to solve a crime in a town/city near you and we can guarantee you will see positive results for all the above and more!


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