Think you know the story of Beauty and the Beast? Think again with this brand new interactive, outdoor experience coming to city streets worldwide.

Following the success of “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Smurfs Great Escape”, CluedUpp are back with a brand new outdoor adventure that combines the original 18th century story with a whodunnit style mystery in this immersive, escape-room style event. 

In a tale never told before, this adaptation sees the Beast cursed once again. With love not being enough to break the spell this time, hundreds of players will be gathering on city streets to help Beauty save the day. 

Expect to complete challenges, interrogate fairytale characters and crack clues against the clock. The adventure takes place entirely outdoors and all you’ll need is a phone and a team of 6 willing participants - dressing up as your favorite fairytale character is optional but highly encouraged. 

Tref Griffiths, founder of CluedUpp Games said: “We’re committed to creating unique, outdoor experiences that bring people together and encourage them to have fun with family and friends. With Beauty and the Beast, I’m confident people of all ages will love this magical mystery-solving adventure.” 

Tickets for the event can be purchased via the CluedUpp website, and are available now (children under 16 play for free). 



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