Whether they have paws, curly tails or feathers, there’s been a whole farmyard full of animals that have attended a CluedUpp event.

From purrfect cats in backpacks to dogs in fancy dress, and even the occasional parrot sitting on a shoulder, this is one of the only events where you can bring your pawesome pet for free!

Here is why your pet will love attending a CluedUpp experience (and why you will too):

CSI Pig enjoying a CluedUpp event

A new immersive way of getting them outside

Whether you're walking them on a lead, carrying them in a bag or they’re being pushed along in a pushchair (yup, that’s really happened), it’s getting them outside which they’ll appreciate far more than being stuck indoors.

Get them taking in new sights and new smells in a new way. Just like people, our pets get bored of the same old routine, so going on new and interesting walks is a great way to keep them mentally stimulated.

And if your pet's really smart, they might even be able to help crack some riddles.

Dogs in fancy dress at a CluedUpp event

They get to socialise and have fun

The best part of a CluedUpp event is taking part with your friends and family… plus, your pets!

Your pet will benefit from socialising with you and your teammates, and who knows - your detective dog might make some new friends along the way… just think of all that butt-sniffing!

Keeping your pet socialised is really important for their wellbeing and their behaviour.

A CluedUpp event is a great way for your faithful friend to have positive interactions with loads of other pets and people.

Cat in a backpack at a CluedUpp event

Dress them up

Reckon your pet has what it takes to win the best dressed prize?

From mystery machine dogs to crime scene investigator cats, and even police piggies… there’s been a lot of strong contenders in the pet world and many have come out victorious.

Just make sure your pet is happy to be dressed up, and it's comfortable in what it's wearing.

Dog dressed up as a detective at a CluedUpp event

No need to leave them at home

No pet sitter is required because this is an event you can actually bring your pets to. And the best part? They play for free, so the more the merrier! CluedUpp hold events that the whole family can play, not just the human part.

Does this event get the high five (or high paw) from your pet? Get them started on their own adventure today!



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