October is such an exciting time when it comes to our TV screens.

The nights are drawing in and we’re all looking for that new Netflix series to hunker on down with. If you’re looking to Netflix and Chill, or in preparation for Halloween, Netflix and Chills, then check out our round up of the best new shows and movies on Netflix in both the UK and USA.

There are literally hundreds of new shows coming to Netflix, so here we focus mainly on originals and juicy seasonal scares: 

Film: Night Teeth

Soon to be released (20 Oct in both UK & USA) and designed to scare the stuffing out of us as part of a fright-tastic Halloween, the vampire flick Night Teeth is coming to Netflix this month. A society of terrifying blood drinking monsters revealed by a terrified college student is sure to see the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Series: The Baby-Sitters Club (Season 2)

Ann M. Martin treated us to the novels and now tweens and teens (as well as adult fans!) are able to lap up these fabulous stories in a second series. This series sees two new recruits join the babysitting ranks and we’re treated to fascinating relationships and important lessons.

What's New On Netflix UK & USA

Film: There’s Someone Inside Your House

Another film set to give you the scares is the slasher movie There’s Someone Inside Your House which is based on the Stephanie Perkins novel. Set in Nebraska and bringing in the themes of stalking and chilling motives, you need to factor in that you won’t sleep a wink after watching this one.

Series: Locke & Key Season 2

What’s great about Locke & Key Season 2 (except heart-racing action and mystery) is that they are already filming Season 3, so you can become fully absorbed knowing that more is yet to come. Seeing many of us through the early days of the pandemic, Locke & Key returning to our screens will feel soothing and comforting in a distracting kind of way. Brendan Hines is joining the line-up and it’ll be good to see what he brings.

Series: You Season 3

You returns for a much-awaited third season full of twists and turns as Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti) embark on marriage and parenting in their Californian suburb in this crime series. Expect bonkers high drama.

Series: Colin in Black & White

Right at the end of the month we’ll be treated to the story of NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick delving into hard-hitting issues covering race, adoption, culture and class. It features Colin himself as the adult narrator of his own past in this fascinating insight into a personal history shaped by society.

What's new Netflix - CluedUpp Games

Film: Diana

The Musical. Yes, seriously. This is a live recording of Jeanna de Waal in the Broadway tale of Princess Di. For fans of The Crown (and maybe Hamilton!), this one is calling you.

Series: Baking Impossible

Reality TV from the baking mould, fans of The Great British Bake Off will probably enjoy this. But there’s a twist, think extreme baking. In this show engineers are as important as the bakers and as such we can expect some serious showstoppers.

What's new on Netflix USA and UK

Series: Maid

Yay, a new Netflix drama series for us to get stuck into, Maid brings us 10 episodes about a single mother who embarks on a housekeeping role to keep the wheels of her life turning. Escaping an abusive relationship and struggling with the invisibility of her situation, it’s heart-warming and relatable for many to say the least.

Film: The Guilty

Here comes a new crime thriller with Ethan Hawke, Jake Gyllenhaal, Riley Keough and Paul Dano. Expect a police drama with some terrifying twists and turns in this story set over just one morning. Does the troubled demoted police officer save the kidnapped woman?

Series: Inside Job

“Lizard people? Real. The moon landing? Fake.” With that intro we can expect Part 1 of the Netflix Series Inside Job is going to rouse a snigger or two in us. This adult animated comedy brings a whole new dynamic to a hard day at work and a frankly refreshing look at Deep State.

Inside job - whats new on Netflix

Film: Army of Thieves

Set six years before the zombie outbreak that set our teeth chattering in Army of the Dead, fans of that movie will love having this talent back on their screens.

Documentary: Convergence: Courage In A Crisis

If it’s not still too fresh in your memory, this documentary is a fascinating insight into the heady days of 2020 when the pandemic was in full chaos. Looking at volunteers and activists, it’s a fascinating insight into the immense social change we’ve all just lived through.

And lots more…

On My Block Season 4, the final series of Little Things, Escape the Undertaker (ready for some interactive horror?!) and Stuck Together (more coronavirus lockdown humour) are just another handful of the new releases on Netflix at the moment.

There’s no shortage for anyone. The trick will be figuring out what you’re going to binge watch first.

If you love seasonal spookies, on the edge of your seat experiences and are looking for something else to sink your teeth into, why not book your next criminally fun detective day out!

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