Ever wondered how you dress up as a detective? 

You’ve decided you’re going as your favourite detective for a fancy dress party, or perhaps you’ve booked your first CluedUpp game and you want to fully immerse yourself into the world of investigation and crime-solving.

Well, look no further! We like to think of ourselves as pros when it comes to dressing up as a detective - we have seen plenty over the years of offering our geogaming murder-mystery adventures! 

Whether you’re stepping into the shoes of Sherlock or Nancy Drew, it’s super easy to dress up as a detective and we’re going to run you through how in … easy steps: 


A team of fancy dress detectives playing a CluedUpp game

Step one: suit up 

Most detectives want to look their best - they’re out there solving crimes, therefore apparences and dapper looks are everything to really show you mean business. 

Most people have a suit stuffed somewhere perhaps from a previous wedding - stick it on and complete it with either a tie or bow tie. 

If you haven’t got a suit, don’t worry, the next step will cover you...

Detective dress up at CluedUpp Games

Step two: Grab a trench coat

As mentioned above, if you haven’t got a suit, you can simply wear some trousers, a plain top and cover yourself with a trench coat.

A light brown is usually a common detective's choice, but you can find plenty of cheap trench coats in your local clothing stores or online.

If a trench coat isn’t your style, some detectives opt for a jacket too or why not grab a checkered cape! 

A team of fancy dress detectives - CluedUpp

Step three: Add accessories 

Accessories are crucial to complete the overall detective look. 

The most popular accessory that every detective needs is a magnifying glass, to really help eye up all the necessary clues and riddles. The bigger the better! You can also opt for some trilby or fedora hats to complete your look, a stopwatch, some investigation equipment like notepads and police badges. 

Whatever you decide, make your look stand out and don’t be afraid of testing out colours and giving your detective look it’s own individual style.

You can find some suggestions for fancy dress shops in this blog post here.

A team dressed up as detectives at a CluedUpp event

There you have it - our three step guide on how to dress up as a detective!

Now you know how, why not get your best dressed detective team together and solve the ultimate detective day mystery!



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