May the fourth be with you, detectives!

Happy Star Wars Day! We are no strangers to the phenomenon that is Star Wars as it’s everything we love when it comes to fictional adventures that can be enjoyed together!

To celebrate the occasion and if you’re after last minute ideas, we’ve put together some ways you can mark the occasion - whether you’re a Jedi Master, or you prefer something on the dark side…

CluedUpp players dressed up as Star Wars characters

Get your friends together for a watch party

It wouldn’t be Star Wars Day without watching at least one movie… or a trilogy… or maybe all the movies, in chronological order, including the spin off…

There’s 24 hours in a day and it takes approximately 25 hours and 7 minutes to watch them all, so it’s easily done!

Make themed Star Wars snacks and drinks

Eat like a Jedi, or perhaps just get really creative with themed food and drinks! Why not make some Stormtrooper Cupcakes, eat Cinnamon Swirls the size of Princess Leia’s hair buns, or have a go at making some fruit stick lightsabers!

Drink wise, you could try your hand at making a Hoth Toddy, the Qui-Gon Jinn & Tonic, A Star Destroyer Martini, the Dark and Stormy Trooper… the list goes on!

Growl like Chewbacca for the day

Because, why not.

Your laptop has died. *chewbacca growl*. You’ve finished your meal. *chewbacca growl*. You’re bored. *chewbacca growl*. There’s never not a good reason to let out a mighty roar!

Talk like Yoda for the day

Need some help?

We found a handy Yoda translator right here. You’re welcome.

Insert random GIFs and memes into the work chat

Your work chat will appreciate the Star Wars related fun!

Search any Star Wars memes and GIFs such as cats with lightsabers, bears with lightsabers and disco-dancing Chewbacca.

You could even slip in the odd Luke whine when your boss asks you to do something and you reply with: “But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!”

Get crafty

One for the kids, or kids at heart…

Get crafty with Lego and make the Imperial Star Destroyer, paint Yoda’s face, or give the official Star Wars’ Jedi Temple Challenge a go!

Set your ringtone to the Imperial March

If it isn’t already, you are missing out. Just imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you receive a call.

Brb, Master is calling...

Refer underdogs as “Padawan” and superiors “Master” or “Lord”

Just don’t get them mixed up, we wouldn’t want you to get in trouble with the boss...

Listen to the works of John Williams for the day

How can you not enjoy the epic soundtrack that John Williams has graced us!?

Start the day off with getting out of bed with the main theme playing, dive into your day with The Heroics of Luke & Han, use the time to reflect and think with Yoda’s Theme and if you’re feeling romantic, stick on Han Solo and the Princess in the background…

We dare you not to find a song for any occasion - thanks John Williams!

Paint your face like Queen Amidala

No normal makeup will do on Star Wars Day.

Go all out with Queen Amidala’s iconic look - you’ll look and feel great, your friends will appreciate it and your colleagues will get a shock of their life when you turn up on a video conference call…

Put blue food colouring in your milk

Ever wondered why Luke Skywalker’s milk was blue? Wonder no more…

Your milk might not be from a Bantha but you can still grab your calcium like a true Jedi… just stick some blue food colouring in!

Dress up as the characters

If you didn’t dress up, or have an iconic prop from one of the Star Wars characters, did you really celebrate Star Wars Day?

There are tons of costumes you can hire and/or buy from various costume shops around the world - or if you’re keeping things simple, grab yourself a bed sheet and call yourself a Jedi in training.

Whatever you do - we hope you celebrate Star Wars day well!

Did you know you can dress up at our events and there’s even a prize for the “Best Dressed Team”? Why not bring your lightsabers, Jedi outfits or even Darth Vader costumes to a CluedUpp experience - may the force be with you!

In the words of Yoda… your nearest detective day out here find. Yes, hrrmmm.


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