Happy Scavenger Hunt Day!

Yep, there is actually a national day for it!

To celebrate, we wanted to share some tips on how YOU can create your own scavenger hunt with your friends and family!

By definition: a scavenger hunt is a game, typically played in an extensive outdoor area, in which participants have to collect a number of miscellaneous objects.

It’s heaps of fun and since we know a thing or two about a scavenger hunt, here is your step-by-step guide on how you can create your own thrilling and adventurous scavenger hunt:

Scavenger Hunt CluedUpp Games

Choose your location(s) and time

We currently service over 978 locations worldwide, but don’t worry, you don’t have to go that far!

There might be an iconic attraction near where you live that could play an excellent location for a scavenger hunt. For example, if you lived in London, you could hide your items/clues around the Southwark area, home of the London Eye!

Give your players a time limit of how long they have to complete the hunt, which adds a bit of competitive pressure on your players to ensure they complete it in time!

Once you pick your location and time, next is the theme…

A CluedUpp Games Team on a Scavenger Hunt

Pick a theme

It’s time to get creative with a theme!

There’s all sorts of generic and more exotic themes you could choose from. You could do something as basic as a nature-themed hunt, a food related hunt where you could scavenge for the best food, or if you’re hosting a bachelorette/hen party, you could have fun with that too!

Other theme ideas include Sherlock Holmes where you could hide a bunch of riddles and players have to find the end result, or Harry Potter for players who want to find the hidden objects.

The more creative and in-depth, the more fun it will be for your players.

A team of detectives at a CluedUpp Games scavenger hunt

Create your lists and riddles

Once you’ve picked your theme, time and location, gather your team together and give them the tools they need to start their scavenger hunt.

This is the most fun, because if you’re organising the list and items - you’re in control!

Assign points to each clue, awarding more points for more difficult items and keep the list secret until the day of the event for the ultimate suspense!

Make sure you keep a list on the side with the places you’ve hidden the objects or clues, so you don’t forget mid-game should anyone get stuck!

CluedUpp Games team

Hide the clues and/or objects

One of your most crucial jobs is to ensure you hide your clues/objects in hotspot areas that your players will find challenging.

But it’s also important that you don’t overwhelm or confuse your players - ensure the clues/objects are hidden in places that aren’t too hard to reach.

Consider the mobility of your players and how far they need to go in order to get the clues.

A team of detectives on a scavenger hunt with CluedUpp Games

Write your riddles/clues

Any scavenger hunt needs the aid of some riddles and/or clues to help your players along their journey.

In order to find the hidden items, you need to write some captivating and brain-teasing riddles or clues and each riddle or clue can bring your players one step closer to the final result.

They can range from mathematical riddles leading to coordinates on a map, the geometric riddles and even riddles that lead your players to a certain attraction or object.

Witches at a CluedUpp scavenger hunt

First one to solve all the clues and grab the final object/figures out the end result wins!

Add an element of competitiveness amongst the group - first one to find all the clues and solve the scavenger hunt wins a prize!

But most importantly, have fun!

If you want to experience a virtual scavenger hunt where you can see your local city turn into a giant playground, our detective day experience is the ultimate scavenger hunt!

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