Have you been thinking of what you’re going to do once you’re back in the office? Have you considered what team-building activity you should organise once you’re back together? Look no further...

2020 saw the world dramatically change and that included a lot of us working from home remotely. 

Although the world has been fortunate enough to have the technology to keep us all connected, there’s nothing quite like when a team collaborates together in person. 

Some of the world is moving forward, whilst a lot of us are still working from home. 

Here at CluedUpp Games, we are based in the UK and we’re still working from home and keeping our staff safe. We’ve also had the recent announcement of the roadmap out of lockdown, which has filled the nation with optimism! 

But if like our team, you are constantly finding yourself having conversations like: “when we’re out of lockdown, we’ll do this…” or “once this is all over, we’ll plan this big day out!” 

We want to encourage you to think big and long-term and show you NOW is the time to start planning how you’ll reconnect your team - By booking a team-building day out, of course!

Here are some reasons why you should plan your next team building activity NOW!

A CluedUpp Games team

Keeps your team motivated

Having something to look forward to can truly be a driving force amongst your team and can really keep morale high. 

The average working day consists of 8 hours, so doing that 5 days a week totals up to 40 hours a week. That’s a lot of time to invest in work, especially if your team are working from home. 

Break that up by finding something unique to do with your day, or having something in the pipeline to look forward to can really break up that 9-5 attitude and make people feel motivated to work towards a fun reward! 

The main goal of a team building activity is to boost productivity within the work force which will give your team a fresh abundance of motivation to tackle their goals and targets for the year.

A team photo looking down for CluedUpp Games

Reconnect new and existing team members

If like us, you have welcomed new team members to the team who started during the pandemic, they may not have had the opportunity to meet the rest of your colleagues in person!

A team-building event is going to be a great way for your new colleagues to meet your fellow colleagues in person, get to know them and not see them via a screen. 

A team-building activity will really help to bring your colleagues even closer together and it boosts communication which means employees will feel more comfortable sharing ideas all together… who knows, you might even come up with some new ideas whilst letting your hair down!

A team taking part in a murder-mystery event with CluedUpp

Get organised before events book up

It’s time to get organised! Otherwise, you risk the chance of missing out. 

Everyone has started to plan their days out and activities when the pandemic is over and many ticketing websites are already getting booked up months in advance. 

Some events have tickets that were previously booked the year before and have a waiting list until 2022! 

You don’t want to be that boss that promises a really exciting activity to your colleagues, only to realise that the event has sold out. The better organised you are, the better you’ll look to your colleagues = win win! 

Aa team dressed up as Scooby Doo characters for a CluedUpp event

De-stress from the last year

Let’s face it, 2020 was a stressful year in one or more aspects. 

A team building day out is a great way to relieve all that work-related stress and tension, which isn’t a reflection on you as a business, but more from the result of everything that happened last year, adapting to working from home and being isolated. 

Team building was originally designed to reduce stress and aid creativity, so you’re doing your employees a massive favour by bringing a dose of fun back into their work-life after a stressful year.

Plus: fancy dress is a great way to relieve tension! 

A team in fancy dress at a CluedUpp event

Shows your employees you value them

It’s great when we feel valued and appreciated at work. You know the feeling where you get a little glimmer of excitement inside your stomach when you receive praise!

By booking a team building activity, you are essentially rewarding your team with something fun and it gives a sense of wellbeing and shows your employees their hard work isn’t going unnoticed. 

You’ll notice a big productivity increase if your employees feel rewarded and respected.

A team taking part in a CluedUpp detective day

Did you know we offer team building events?

Finding that perfect team building activity shouldn’t be murder and we can create a thrilling event for your business with one of our unique detective days. We can offer days out for teams of 25 or more! 

Will your team do well in scrambling across town, hunting down virtual witnesses, eliminating suspects, solving clues and working together to crack the case… 

Why not find out and book here!


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