Did you know your dog can attend and play for free at our events?

It’s no question that a dog is a man, woman and everyone's best friend - and they make the perfect detective sidekick when it comes to solving mysteries.

We spoke to some of our most recent doggie detectives through the use of Zoolingualism (that’s when you imitate animal sounds, in this example: WOOF!) to communicate and get their opinion on CluedUpp events.

We must admit, it did take some persuading… a lot of dog treats and squeaky toys were purchased in order to conduct these reviews.

Here’s what our K9 Detectives (probably) had to say about our events…

K9 Detective playing a CluedUpp game

“It was a great excuse for my owner to give me a walk around the city - we were out for almost 4 hours! Best walk ever!” - Charlie

“My human couldn’t stop taking photos of me in my outfit - they seemed to enjoy it but it was like the pup-arazzi were all over me!” - Harley

One terrier had this to say...

“We were barking up the wrong tree for a while, but my humans managed to sniff out the culprit eventually - I like!” - Maisie

2 K9 Detective's playing a CluedUpp game

A mixed bag of doggie reviews…

“I had no idea what was going on, but it made my human very happy, which makes me happy” - Max

“This game is barking mad, I love it!!!” - Benji

“Would have been nice if they left us a bowl of snacks… why do humans get all the awards? I can’t eat the best dressed K9 detective award…” Maggie

3 K9 Detective's playing a CluedUpp game

“My humans dressed me up in the best detective outfit - I was one classy mother pupper!” - Cassie

“I just wished the game would throw us a bone now and then, very difficult but enjoyable!” Lucky

"4/10 no treats or strokes, wouldn't play again” - Buddy

2 K9 Detectives dressed up

One great dane had this to say…

“This is the biggest mystery I’ve ever had to do since I used to work with Fred, Daphne, Velma and Shaggy…” Not Scooby

And a golden retriever had this to say…

“My humans took too long to retrieve all the answers, so I had to step in - just call me Sherlock Bones!” - Max

K9 Detective playing a CluedUpp game

Overall, we think our K9 Detectives enjoyed themselves…

“With lockdown, this pooch has been going through a rough pooch lately, but this game made me so happy - I’ve never wagged my tail so much!” - Wilma

“I ruff it! 10/10 would drag my human to do again” - Sam

“I won the best dressed K9 detective and that made me jump for joy!” Barkley

K9 Detective playing a CluedUpp game

“I’ve always wanted to be a K9 Detective… every dog has its day!” Jerry

“Omg there were SO MANY other dogs to play with - I enjoyed sniffing them all!” Dotty

K9 Detective playing a CluedUpp game

Thank you to the K9 Detectives who took the time to share their thoughts. A dog treat is on it’s way to you…

An outdoor adventure game with CluedUpp is a new, immersive way of taking your dog for a walk, they get involved with the fun, they can dress up and even win prizes for the best dressed - plus, it’s actually an event that you can bring your dog to.

What more could you want!?

Make your dog happy by finding your nearest Detective Day here.


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