Hands up if you remember sitting down and watching The Crystal Maze on Channel 4 in glorious 578i standard-definition video mode back in the 1990’s with host Richard O’Brien in his long fur coat?

What if we told you that you could experience this outrageously popular show in real life right now (minus Richard O’Brien, unfortunately). 

Well adjust your high-resolution screens because the CluedUpp team headed down to London, UK to experience it for ourselves, competing in teams (because we love a bit of competition) to see if we had what it takes to complete the Crystal Maze without getting locked in. 

The Crystal Maze Live experience has locations in both London and Manchester in the UK and it really is the ultimate team challenge - and because we love delivering unique events of our own, we wanted to share our own Crystal Maze experience review. 

As the person currently writing this review was in one of the two CluedUpp teams who participated, we’ll be writing it from one team’s perspective - the winning team’s perspective! But it’s the taking part that counts, of course.

Get ready to be impressed… 


Inside the Crystal Maze Experience Review

The Crystal Maze Experience Review 

What can you expect? 75 minutes of frantic, frenetic, silly team fun that will leave you mind-blown and wanting more. 

The goal was to get as much time inside The Crystal Dome (our head of product, Rich, gasped when he saw it in person) and score as many points as you can. 

Our adventure began as we ventured inside a dark room to watch a video montage of the classic TV episodes we all remembered and loved on a big screen until… bam! Out jumps our Maze Master (Nicole definitely didn’t scream…).

Our Maze Master came and introduced himself and explained how the next 75 minutes would play out, what we would expect and we started to arrange who our team leaders and co-captains would be. 

Nicole was team leader for the Crystal Mend’s, whilst Nicki was team leader for team Count Dokula (you can blame product designer, Ollie, for that one). Now the admin was over and done with, it was time to run inside and enter the Crystal Maze…

*cue the theme tune* 

Inside The Crystal Maze Experience Review

What can you expect? 

Running inside, the adrenaline amongst the team built as we ventured into the different zones; Industrial, Futuristic, Medieval and Aztec (yes, there was real sand inside the Aztec zone). 

Whilst inside, our teams had the opportunity to test our skills, solve mysteries and face challenges - these challenges fell under four categories including mental, mystery, physical and skill - all skills we hoped and prayed we had amongst our team. The aim was to collect as many crystal balls which resulted in how much time we would get inside the Crystal Dome. 

Some of the challenges we took part in included a physical challenge which saw Luke climb across water in the medieval zone, an emoji pub quiz where Nicole had to test her tv and movie knowledge in the futuristic zone, and a CSI-style escape challenge which saw Ollie crawl under lasers to avoid getting stuck - not quite Catherine Zeta-Jones, but a good effort. 

Some of the challenges we took part in were featured in the original TV series such as the tilt table in the Aztec zone and of course… the ever-so-famous Crystal Dome which saw us racing against the clock and competing for the highest score as we attempted to collect as many gold tokens as possible. 

There was a lot of running, climbing up and down ladders, crawling through tight spaces and even sliding down big slides, so prepare to wear clothes you don’t mind getting mucky in. 

There are plenty of peer-through holes so those not participating in the challenges can still watch on and support fellow teammates and our Maze Master kept us thoroughly entertained throughout and guided us - result, as none of us got locked in!


Crystal Maze Experience Review

And the final scores were in…

Count Dokula collected 8 crystal balls but managed to scoop 108 golden tokens inside the Crystal Dome.

Whilst Crystal Mend’s collected 6 crystal balls but managed to grab a whopping 139 golden tokens declaring them the overall winners (hahaha *sticks tongue out at other team*).

All in friendly competition, we came out and had nothing but positive things to say about the Crystal Maze experience so this gets a big thumbs up from us. 

Everyone found it extremely fun, everyone in our teams of 5 got a fair go at all sorts of different challenges and we recommend it as a great team-building experience - and we were able to celebrate our victories inside Figaros bar located next door. 

What do you think of our Crystal Maze experience review? Would you be up for taking on the challenge? 

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