Are you stuck for things to do with your friends and family? Has inspiration for an incredible day out run dry?

Your wishes are about to come true - some of the CluedUpp team have shared the most exciting and unique experiences they’ve ever done to give you some ideas you can try.

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Nicole in Prague

Nicki: My favourite experience I've ever done is doing a tour of Malta in a golf buggy. The tour was private and guided by GPS, I saw the most beautiful sites Malta had to offer and we stopped for a picnic in a gorgeous little cove and swam in the sea. It was AMAZING!

Stephen: My favourite experience was going on a vintage steam train live action murder mystery in Sheringham (Norfolk) with access to more wine than maybe I should have access to.

Tref: I loved the Vasa museum in Stockholm - there's nothing like seeing a real 17th-century warship up close. It was huge!

Nicki with a golf buggy in Malta

Chris B: My favourite experience was when I took my missus and her daughter to Walt Disney World Orlando Florida for their first time. The looks on both of their faces were priceless.

Cristie: My favourite experience was when I travelled to Australia with my partner for 3 weeks, we had so many experiences in that one holiday. We scuba dived over the Great Barrier Reef, almost got knocked out of a canoe by a family of whales, camped on Fraser Island and even did a bungee jump!

Eliot on a trek

Eliot: So far, my favourite life experience was probably seeing mountain gorillas in Rwanda after a 3-hour hike through the rainforest. There was a huge silverback named Charles along with several females and cute babies playing with each other. 

Nicole: Mine has to be (so far) when I went on my first solo adventure with Topdeck where I got to travel across different parts of Europe including Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and many other new places. I loved it so much, I’m doing another solo adventure soon!

Matthew: My favourite ever experience was for my 18th birthday (many years ago now) where I cruised out to New York City, stayed a few nights right in Times Square and even caught a Broadway show.

Tara: My favourite experience I've ever done is travelling to Thailand on a one-way ticket, not knowing where I'd end up or how long I'd stay for, ultimately leading to living in Australia for just under two years. Over there I tried many cool experiences such as diving the Great Barrier, surfing and sky diving.

Tara on a skydive

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