If you’ve come across this blog post: congratulations! 

You’ve most likely booked your first CluedUpp experience with us - or if not, you’ve either come here for tips ahead of booking or you’ve just accidentally stumbled across this blog post - either way, we welcome you!

You may or may not have booked your experience, but now you want to know the in’s and out’s of what makes a great experience and how to get the best out of your CluedUpp experience! 

Obviously, you want to make sure you have the best experience, right? Make notes… 


CluedUpp Games Team

Preparation is the key

Once you purchase your ticket, you can firstly - get very excited to start your adventure!

But with any crime investigation, preparation is the key to success (or in this case; to having the best day out!)

When you receive your confirmation that you’ve booked a CluedUpp experience with us, you can be assured that a few weeks before your event starts, you will receive your pre-game instructions. 

Be sure to keep this safe as these are your vital instructions in order to prepare for your game - including downloading the app and scanning your QR code, which we always recommend you do at home where you have good Wi-Fi (we can’t promise reception will be good where your game takes place!)

Other things you can prepare beforehand include your best walking shoes (you’ll be walking lots) , a bottle of water to keep hydrated, a phone charger or portable charger just in case your mobile gets low battery and of course… the perfect fancy dress costume to wear! 

How To Get The Best Out Of Your CluedUpp Game

Dress to impress

Fancy dress is welcome, but not mandatory - but we heavily encourage you to dress to impress!

Not only will it help you make the most of your day, but when was the last time you remember having an occasion to dress up? If you’re bringing little ones, they will love dressing up as their favourite characters! 

We have a whole blog post on where you can find your fancy dress costumes around the world.

Team of detectives getting the best out of their CluedUpp Game

Immerse yourself in the crime-solving world

No one likes a person who doesn’t open themselves up to new experiences… 

If you’re going to fully get yourself involved with the experience, you need to really believe that you’re a detective out and about on your local streets solving a real crime. 

Whether you’re dressing up, role-playing for the day or scrambling across town to hunt for the clues in the fastest time; we encourage you to come with your best attitude, a willingness to participate and just to let go and have fun! 

CluedUpp Game Detective Day

Enjoy the local food and drink

If you want to take your time and make the most of your day (unless you’re competing to win the fastest team prize category) then why not enjoy the local food and drink in the area. 

One of the many benefits of taking part in a CluedUpp game is getting to explore your local town/city or a completely new place you’ve never visited before - our GPS map system could take you anywhere!

So if you find yourself getting hungry or thirsty, why not find a local food & drink place to take a break - detective work can be hungry work! It’s also encouraged as a good stop point for you to gather your evidence that you’ve retracted so far and many teams like to share their predictions with each other halfway through.  

You can start your game anytime between 9am - 5pm and it roughly takes 2 - 3 hours to complete a mystery - so go and enjoy some grub! 

CluedUpp Games

Share the experience with loved ones

Because no great experience is done alone, right? 

Our team ticket allows up to 6 players per team (children under 16 and K9-units can play for free and aren’t included in the team numbers) which makes this a great experience for all your friends and family to get involved with. 

If you can’t narrow your team to just 6 adult detectives, you can bring another team and get 20% off your booking - so no one misses out!

Because we truly believe our experiences bring people together! 

CluedUpp Games How To Get The Best Out Of It

Get walking 

We’re sorry to inform you, but you would be at a disadvantage if you were to travel by car! 

When was the last time you actually got up and went for a long walk (and enjoyed it!?) as we know plenty of people cringe inside when the thought of exercise comes across their mind. 

During your CluedUpp Game, it’s heavily encouraged as you will be expected to walk between 2-5k miles but you won’t notice it - because you’ll be too busy scrambling across your city to find the clues, solving the riddles and having too much with your team! 

You will be amazed and feel so proud of yourself when you see how many steps you’ve taken during the day - it’s the best form of exercise without realising you’re doing any! 

Team of detectives CluedUpp Game

Capture the memories 

Memories last a lifetime, but it’s also nice to capture the moment on camera for you to look back on!

Just imagine this: you and your friends have just completed the mystery you’ve been trying to figure out for the last few hours, you’re relieved and feeling so accomplished - that picture perfect moment of you all smiling at the camera is one to show off on your Instagram profile!

We also encourage you to get creative by conducting an eye-catching crime scene, striking a pose with your team in your best attire or why not create a video or reel of your day out - we love to see it! 

A team of detectives at a CluedUpp Game

Think you’re up for the challenge now? Let the adventure begin…

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