If you love the high-adrenaline feeling of getting out of an escape room can give you, then keep reading…

We’re big fans of escape rooms here at CluedUpp - because they offer everything we stand for:

Mystery, adventure, making memories, having fun with friends and family and trying out new experiences. Escape rooms have certainly made their mark worldwide with more and more people opting to take part in them.

If you’re up for finding the best escape rooms in the world, we’ve put together a list of the best escape rooms in the world:

Best Escape Rooms - CluedUpp Games

Sherlocked - The Vault (Netherlands)

If you’re ever in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Sherlocked escape room is the place to visit!

It’s located inside an actual bank vault which means the architecture and its surroundings are absolutely stunning from the eye, meaning it adds to the aesthetics of the experience.

Expect to be introduced to several puzzles and mysteries to solve and whilst inside the vault, you’ll have 90 minutes to steal a mysterious item from inside it. Don’t worry, if you’re a bit jumpy, this game isn’t scary and not claustrophobic in the slightest - there’s plenty of room to move around!

One to add to your bucket list!

Best Escape Rooms - CluedUpp Games

Escape Boats - SOS (Ireland)

Known for being one of the best escape room games ever, we had to add Escape Boats in Dublin to our list!

A unique setting for an escape room, you’ll get an experience like nothing before - aside from the setting and game itself being unique, the ending takes you by surprise as well.

If you’re into trying new experiences, this is certainly a new concept in the escape room world. Whilst you’re there, why not explore Dublin to make the most of your trip?

Best Escape Rooms - CluedUpp Games

Escapology (Multiple Locations)

Take your pick - Escapology has several locations to choose from - whether you fancy Florida, Chile or Texas and more! This escape room franchise is known to be one of the fastest-growing escape room chains out there.

There are 11 different games to choose from with each game ranging from easy to difficult, so there’s something here for every level of mystery solver.

The theme of the game sees you inside a drug lord’s house of which you’re trying to escape from. See why we added this onto our list?

Best Escape Rooms - CluedUpp Games

Breakout Games (Missouri)

Located in St Louis, Missouri, Breakout Games is an ideal stop to make when looking for fun things to do in the area with friends and family. This escape room offers several different themes to choose from such as the Runaway Train room, the Do Not Disturb Room and much more!

It’s a great place to head to with friends, family or a team-building event as there’s something for everyone!

Best Escape Rooms - CluedUpp Games

The Basement (Los Angeles)

One of the best rated escape rooms in the United States? *adds to list*.

It’s become a favourite amongst escape room fans - but be warned, the theme suggests it’s not for children or jittery adults as you’re locked in a basement of Edward R. Tandy, a very twisted, traumatized, cannibalistic killer and rumour has it, it’s just 45 minutes before dinner.

Expect “Saw-like” vibes which will see you piece together clues to coordinate your escape.

Best Escape Rooms - CluedUpp Games

Locked In (Birmingham, UK)

Birmingham is known for its array of things to do; including it’s award-winning escape room, Locked In.

There are three different rooms at varying difficulty levels to choose from - and it has room for anyone!

You are given an hour to either find proof of a conspiracy, a cure to an epidemic, or the answer to a classroom mystery. Unlike many rooms, these experiences in Birmingham are not scary and are appropriate for all ages.

We’ve heard they’re not a walk in the park though, so be warned!

Best Escape Rooms - CluedUpp Games

Key Escape (South Korea)

If you’ve ever visited Myeong-dong in South Korea, that is where Key Escape is located and if you haven’t been… Now is your chance!

Although there are three different locations where this escape room is situated, this is the only one where English is spoken, but not all of their rooms have English translations - the ones that do include The Madhouse, Murder, White, Stalker and Black Pearl room.

One of the perks of taking part in their escape rooms is that they allow a minimum of one player per room, which means you don’t have to worry about needing another player to solve the puzzles and have fun with you!

Best Escape Rooms - CluedUpp Games

Escape Hunt (Multiple Locations)

If you haven’t heard of Escape Hunt… where have you been!?

There is an escape room on pretty much every continent except Antarctica and depending on which location you visit, you’ll experience themes geared towards that specific area - making each escape room unique!

Not only does this make it unique, but it also gives you a bit of history on the area that you’re in - educational and fun!

Head to their website and see if there’s an escape room near you - or better yet, why not travel somewhere new!

If you love the adrenaline rush, mystery-solving, adventure aspect that an escape room gives you, why not try our detective day adventure which takes you on the streets!

Figure out the riddles and clues, put the pieces together to ultimately solve the mystery! Find your nearest event here.


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