Well… maybe without the kill part, but you get the idea!

Valentine’s is coming up and this blog post is for all the loveeeeerrrrs! *ooh la la!*

As the majority of the world is still experiencing the pandemic, it’s leaving a lot of us stuck at home with not much else to do. Usually Valentine’s Day is full of date nights or date days out like going to the cinema, bowling, a romantic meal out… or if you’re really into the occasion, you might even go away somewhere.

But right now, it’s not possible for a lot of us. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it at home. 

We had a team discussion here at CluedUpp and we have suggested some of the ways you can have a thrilling date night at home. 

If we’ve missed any, let us know!

Order a takeaway and have a movie night

Nothing says romance quite like a cheeky takeaway and a movie marathon!

There’s something magical about when the words ‘fancy a takeaway?’ are uttered that bring us uter joy.

You can find your local takeaways from apps such as Just Eat, Deliveroo, UberEats and many more who will have great suggestions of local takeaways to you. Some of our favourites include Chinese, Mexican, Turkish and Pizza… mmmmm!

If you’re a couple who lives apart, make a night of it by ordering the same takeaway and use Netflix’s Teleparty (formerly Netflix Watch Party) where you can watch the same film together and use the chat box or FaceTime whilst watching it! 

Play board games

A board game can bring the fun (and sometimes a bit of friendly competition) out of you both, which makes this a great way to spend a date night!

Our whole company is based on the classic Cluedo, so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to board games. 

Obviously, Cluedo is not a 2 person board game but there are many others you could look into getting involved with! One recommendation we have is the game Codenames: Duet - The Two Player Word Deduction Game - it’s been designed specifically for two people in mind and we love nothing more than a good mystery to keep us on our toes - so it will sure do the same for you both too! 

We also highly recommend classics like Scrabble, Dominoes and Shot in The Dark for mind games that will get you thinking and hopefully laughing too! 

Have a wine & cheese night 

If you fancy yourselves as a bit of a connoisseur, why not have a wine & cheese night!?

It’s something a bit different, which will add a touch of sophistication to your evening and wine and cheese is surely the best match, right!?

You could grab a few bottles and selections of cheese from your local convenience store, or you could order them in from a local supplier who specialises in both. You could then both try different combinations, write down your thoughts and rank the combos out of 10. 

Whether you’re a fan of red, white or pink, this date night idea adds a bit of curiousness and adventure to your evening! 

Play video games together 

We know we have a lot of gamers here, especially who play our games!

Whilst we can’t play many detective games out and about, don’t let that stop you from playing video games with each other as part (or for the whole of) date night.

Whether you’re playing via Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo Switch, there are plenty of two player games to get involved with together! 

Our suggestions from the team include Borderlands, Overcooked, Gender Neutral, Human: Fall Flat and any of the Lego games! 

For Nintendo Switch, we recommend Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders - very up our street, of course (keep an eye on our social media channels… we may be sharing something about this VERY soon!)

Combine date night with zoom with friends

If the pair of you are a bit bored of each other's company (no judgement, it happens!) why not combine Valentine’s Day date night with a date night with your couple friends (and single friends too!)

This feels very inclusive then, as it’s not necessarily for those in relationships, but it’s a good excuse to gather your friends together virtually on Zoom and socialise! You could combine the other date night ideas mentioned above with your friends!

It may well be Valentine’s Day, but it’s not just for couples - it’s a good chance to share the love with everyone (from a distance!)

Make a 2021 must do list

If none of those take your fancy, perhaps you fancy sitting down together and creating a 2021 must do list, if you want something to look forward to and get excited about!

Whilst the majority of us are at home, it’s sometimes nice to think about what you can get excited for in the future to keep you optimistic and forget about current affairs for a while. 

You could add things like go on a big holiday or travel to a new place, visit a fine dining restaurant, go for a bar crawl… the possibilities are endless!

We think it might even be worth putting: Book a CluedUpp game on your list too - just sayin’!

We hope those date night at home ideas have given you a bit of inspiration for this Valentine’s Day! Let us know what you’ll be doing to celebrate the occasion!

And if you want to pre-book that CluedUpp game, you can find your nearest game here! 


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