Whether you love seeing them or you’re bored already, you can’t help but notice all the Christmas adverts that are appearing on our TV screens!

They all have a lot in common: the cheesy acoustic versions of classic songs, an overarching message about spending time with loved ones, or a tearjerker bound to get the waterworks going - sometimes they even have an imaginary character that pops out of nowhere!

Either way, our Digital Marketing Exec (who’s been looking forward to Christmas since February) has been doing her research and put together this list of the best festive adverts for you to watch right now… 

The Stepdad - Disney UK

The days where Disney used to colour step parents as the evil character in their films is far gone and forgotten thanks to this advert which sees a stepdad trying to fit into his new family whilst bringing magic and fun to the scene. It’ll hit the heart strings for those who have ever been part of a blended family - plus the song is catchy! 

Unexpected Guest - John Lewis and Partners

Probably the most highly anticipated advert from a company every year. But does it hit well? You decide! An advert with a random female alien species coming down to earth in her spaceship to befriend a little boy who shares all his Christmas traditions with her along with another acoustic bop - we’re in! 

Nothings Stopping Us - Tesco

You can’t help but feel cheerful over this advert! After 2 years of uncertainty and Christmas 2020 with families being separated, this advert springs joy and brings out hope and excitement that we’re *actually* going to have a very merry Christmas - hence the #NothingsStoppingUs message. Plus, you won’t be able to help but tap your feet to the classic Queen song! 

Imaginary Iggy - McDonalds 

This one will punch you in the feels! A sentimental reminder that we never truly grow up - we always hold onto something in our childhood that brings us back to happy memories, whether it be real or an imaginary iggy monster like this advert suggests! Plus, we’re very much behind the #ReindeerReady campaign! 

Percy Pig Comes To Life - M&S Food

Dawn French as a fairy and Tom Holland as Percy Pig? That’s it. That’s the reason to watch this advert alone. Is it wrong to be attracted to a pig? 

The Lonely Bounty - Celebrations 

Celebrations have been incredibly witty and clever by listening to the public’s hatred of the dreaded moment when you dive your hand into the Celebrations box and pick up a Bounty.

Love them or hate them, it’s incredibly funny yet the advert still manages to pluck the heartstrings in a sentimental message about looking out for each other. Watch out for a Love Actually scene and information on how to remove those pesky Bounty’s out of your life for good… 

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