Have you booked yourself on the immersive, outdoor Alice in Wonderland adventure but can’t decide which character you should dress up as? 

Or perhaps you’re just really into zodiac signs like our Digital Marketing Exec, Nicole, and you’re curiouser and curiouser over which character you’d be according to your star sign.

Well, look no further.

If Alice in Wonderland characters were zodiac signs, you would be…

Alice in Wonderland characters

Aries - Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat’s zodiac sign is clearly an Aries because they want to have all attention and eyes on them. Their bold and ambitious nature is what draws people like Alice to them. They also love a challenge (or giving out challenges to others to figure out).

The Cheshire Cat takes great pleasure in being Alice’s guide (and causing her trouble), typical of the easily bored Aries who love to have fun and turn anything into a game.

Taurus - Alice

Our heroine in question, Alice, is 100% a Taurus. She’s a young girl who has been raised to be responsible and courteous to all. Typical attributes for a Taurus.

Alice is very courageous, navigating alone through Wonderland and taking on anything that comes her way. Although she is patient when it comes to solving riddles, Alice can also be very stubborn and uncompromising - once she’s had enough, she’s had enough!

But overall, Alice is devoted, loving and gentle - what lovely traits!

Gemini - The Queen of Hearts

Just like the Queen of Hearts, you never know what you’re going to get with a Gemini!

It’s hard to talk about positive traits and strengths for such an evil character, but Geminis are quick to adapt and can learn on the fly. Maybe this is why the Queen of Hearts is always one step ahead when it comes to getting her own way.

But watch out, her indecisiveness and nervous nature are typical Gemini traits - probably the reason why she’s chopped off so many heads!

Cancer - Dormouse

Don’t worry, Cancarians - we’re not calling you a mouse, but just like the Dormouse, you’re a very sensitive creature.

The Dormouse is always sleepy, so just like a Cancer when distrubed, they can be moody (watch out!). But of course, they are highly imaginative, loyal and sympathetic.


Mad Hatter and Alice characters

Leo - Knave of Hearts

The unfortunate lover of the Queen of Hearts, the Knave of Hearts is a Leo through and through.

Whilst his exterior comes across as warm-hearted, cheerful and much more humorous than the Queen, his Leo traits come out to play with his arrogance and cowardice. Although he can’t stand the Queen, he still chooses to stay out of feeling insecure.

Sorry Leos…

Virgo - The White Queen

Virgos are in good stead having the White Queen as a fellow star-sign holder.

Like a Virgo, she’s hard working, very loyal and kind. But despite her charming ways, she’s quite an anxious woman who can be a little shy - she’s often the one being looked after by Alice.

But we’ll give it to you Virgos, and to the White Queen, - you’re all work and no play, so you get the job done.

Libra - The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar is an intellectual creature, just like its star sign suggests.

Often asking difficult questions or speaking in short sentences, Caterpillar likes to keep the scales balanced and comes across very fair minded, not wanting any conflict or debate - a classic Libra. Known for self-pity if things don’t go their way, the Caterpillar can come across a little dejected from time to time.

If you’re a Libra, you’re also very social - just like the Caterpillar - and you’d both like to chat with anyone who comes along in Wonderland.

Scorpio - The White Rabbit

A typical Scorpio is always in a hurry somewhere - no present state is ever enough and you’re always looking for the next goal or location.

The White Rabbit is a true friend and guide to Alice, so you know you can always be relied on if you’re a fellow Scorpio. Whilst he’s a nervous creature who can be stubborn when provoked, he’s also passionate and stands up for himself when needed - just like when he stands up to the King of Knaves.

Alice unintentionally follows him throughout Wonderland. And like the Scorpio, he’s very resourceful and helps her along her way.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee characters

Sagittarius - March Hare

Best buds with the Mad Hatter, no wonder this Sagittarius is well liked and has a wicked sense of humour who is loud, energetic and sometimes rude!

He’s always coming up with great ideas, which is a typical Sagittarius trait, and finds it very easy to pluck inspiration from the air. However, be careful - you can promise more than you can deliver. And you’re also very impatient, which is why you can sometimes come across more rude than usual.

But just like the March Hare, you're very generous when it comes to offering those in need a cup of tea!

Capricorn - Tweedledum and Tweedledee

The know-it-all twins who love to recite poems to Alice - Capricorns love to be in the know just like these cheeky brothers.

Double trouble here as they don’t like being made fun of (especially when it’s by each other) so they can get a bit touchy and can easily hunt you down when mocked. Like their star sign, they’re really into puzzles and riddles and are constantly laughing.

Under their grinning exterior, they’re worldly-wise characters - not to be underestimated.

Aquarius - Mad Hatter

“We’re all mad here” - every Aquarius in the world.

You are in good company with the Mad Hatter as a fellow Aquarius - you’re not afraid to stand out, be original and independent. You love the limelight and you’re not afraid to be your kooky, true and authentic self.

But be careful, you need to express yourself emotionally but can be afraid to do so, just like the Mad Hatter.

A team of players taking part in Alice in Wonderland

Pisces - Jabberwocky

Unfortunately for you, the Jabberwocky portrays a lot of Pisces’ bad traits and weaknesses. Described as a monstrous creature, he’s distrusting of everyone and everything, fearful of who approaches him and overall quite a sad character.

But underneath and if given the chance, the Jabberwocky could be compassionate if he learns to trust, gentle and wise beyond his years.

Which Alice in Wonderland character are you based on your zodiac sign? Let us know in the comments below.



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