Love all things Alice in Wonderland? 

Ever fancied staying in a completely unique themed hotel full of Alice in Wonderland inspired decor? Impossible? Nothing’s impossible! 

From quaint cottages, rabbit hole hotels and flamingo bathrooms, we’ve compiled a list of the best Wonderland inspired hotel accommodations across the world for you to take a tumble into on your next topsy-turvy adventure. 

Let us know which one takes your fancy! 



There’s so many places to choose from in England; you might have to take a road trip to visit them all. 

The Wonderland House

The Wonderland House is one of the top 10 movie themed houses in the world and we can really see why. Not only is it set in the famous coastal city of Brighton, but each and every room is also beautifully decorated from top to toe with wonder-ful decor. 

Our favourite is the dining room, just look at those chairs. Perfect for groups after a classy stay with a gorgeous backdrop, this place is extremely photo friendly and sleeps up to 24 guests.

The Wonderland House dining room

The Alice in Wonderland Coastal Cottage

Just along the coast in Babbacombe is The Alice in Wonderland Coastal Cottage, another seaside property. This unique place has been regally decorated, fit for the Queen of Hearts and is perfect for a family getaway or small group of Wonderland admirers.

The Alice in Wonderland Coastal Cottage tea set

The Wonderland Townhouse

Head to Bath and fall down the rabbit hole into The Wonderland Townhouse, a vibrant family home with 8 bedrooms! Each bedroom is themed around a specific character, we’ve spotted ones for The White Rabbit, The Queen of Hearts and there’s even one for Alice herself. Have dinner underneath the magnificent hanging floral arrangement, or set up a Mad Hatter’s afternoon tea in the garden, the choice is all yours.

The Alice in Wonderland Townhouse

The rest of the world


We couldn’t do a piece on Alice in Wonderland stays without mentioning the Wonderland room at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, could we? 

This room immerses guests in the world of the Disney film. The room interior, including the furniture, is designed with motifs of the Queen of Hearts, the Card Soldiers, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, and other images from the Disney film to make Guests feel like they’ve wandered into Alice’s Wonderland.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel


Stay in the whimsical Mad Hatters themed room at Sydney Lodges’ Bayswater property, perfect for a romantic night away. 

During your stay, you get discounted access to the immersive Mad Hatter’s Tea Cocktail Party performance at the Wonderland Bar across the road! Who could say no to that?

The Alice in Wonderland Bar


The Alice in Wonderland B&B in Dongshan, Taiwan, is perfect for families looking for a Wonderland inspired getaway. 

Not only are all of the rooms themed, the hallways are too! If you visit, make sure to say hi to Alice, you can find her poking her head out of the window by the stairs.

The Alice in Wonderland B&B


Next on our list is the wonderfully named Jabberwock Inn in Monterey, California. 

This B&B is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass and his poem “The Jabberwocky”. It has an all round nonsense theme, with their breakfast menu housing wondrus treats such as Jabberjuice and Imperial Fiddlesticks!

Jabberwock Inn


And lastly, but by no means least, is the luxury hotel the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht. Formerly a public library, it is now one of the most creative 5* luxury lifestyle hotels in the city. 

Their grand features would certainly make you feel like Alice in a wonderland all of your own. Oh, the shrinking potions we would drink to come and visit this one!

Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht


If you take a trip to one of these amazing places, why not add to your experience... Follow Alice down the rabbit hole and enter a topsy-turvy world of adventure, intrigue and impossible things at our immersive Alice in Wonderland event.




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