Have you been on the edge of booking one of our games, but haven’t been sure? Do you need a bit more convincing or you’re just not sure what we’re about? We’ve got you… 

We came together as a team to come up with reasons why someone would want to book a CluedUpp experience (and without sounding biased, there were a lot!)

But we’ve narrowed it down to our favourite 50 - Yep, that’s 50 whole reasons on why you should book, play, experience and love what we do here at CluedUpp! 

And if you still need more information before you buy, you can head over to our FAQ’s or you can email our customer service team.

Here are 50 reasons why you should book a CluedUpp experience!

  1. You get to experience a unique crime-solving detective day!
  2. It’s one of the few COVID-friendly activities you can do right now
  3. You get to spend quality time with friends and family in the great outdoors
  4. It’s a great day out and you’re getting some exercise in
  5. It’s a family-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy
  6. You can solve a mystery whilst getting your step count up!
  7. It’s amazing value for money - tickets work out at just a few pounds/euros/dollars per person
  8. The whole family, a group of friends or a bunch of colleagues can play for one low price
  9. It tests your problem-solving skills
  10. You can immerse yourself in the world of police investigation and transform into a real-life Sherlock/Miss Marple.

  11. It works your brain and gives you indication on whether you can solve a crime.
  12. You gain the thrill and excitement of solving a real-life murder case.
  13. It’s a great opportunity to work with your team-mates to see if you can bring the killer to justice.
  14. You get to explore a side of your town that you’ve never seen before.
  15. You can support your local city whilst you solve a mystery
  16. You can even wine, dine and solve a crime
  17. You can find new cities to explore
  18. It’s socially distant - you only ever mix with your own team-mates
  19. You can take your time and enjoy the day and experience at your own pace
  20. You can bring your kids for free - they’re not included in team numbers 

  21. Which means it’s a great excuse to get your kids outside and having fun
  22. The game can be played by multiple generations, whether you’re young or old.
  23. It gets the kids & teenagers away from TV/Computer screens and using their phone screens in a healthy and productive way.
  24. The game is safe to play together 
  25. Kids get to dress up and become their favourite character for the day.
  26. You can bring your dogs for free to our dog-friendly event!
  27. It’s a new and immersive way to walk your dog
  28. And your dog can win prizes for the best dressed K9 detective!
  29. You get to dress up in fancy dress of your choice
  30. You can take some great pictures for the ‘gram!

  31. It brings out the creativity in you
  32. You can enter our various categories such as ‘best dressed team’ for a chance to win prizes!
  33. You can escape reality for a few hours.
  34. You can aim to be the fastest team and beat the rest!
  35. You might be featured on our social media channels!
  36. It;s a one-day only thing - so you won’t want to miss this experience!
  37. You get to see your city transform into a giant board game for the day.
  38. Your friends can create their own team for some friendly competition!
  39. It’s a great bonding activity for colleagues looking to get to know each other better - and a great chance to escape the office and get outside.
  40. From magic to murder, there’s always a new mystery to solve throughout the year (we run two games a year in most cities!)

  41. Everybody gets the chance to lead the team and nobody is left out.
  42. You’re always kept on your toes throughout the experience with the various riddles and puzzles you need to solve.
  43. You can exchange your ticket if you can’t make the event - it’s never a pain to change your game.
  44. It’s great for your mental health; gets you outside, socialising and away from the same four walls.
  45. It makes a great gift to give to a loved one for any occasion!
  46. It’s an accessible, inclusive experience that can be enjoyed by all. 
  47. From imagination to determination, contemplation to frustration, elimination to revelation - you will experience it all!
  48. It’s easy to book!
  49. We have full technical support available on the day of your event, so you’re never left struggling.
  50. You will NEVER experience something quite like a CluedUpp game!

We hope this has encouraged you and got you all excited over the prospect of booking!

Which one of our points are you particularly excited about? Let us know in the comments!

And whilst you’re at it, why not find your nearest event here. 


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