Are you guilty of telling yourself “there’s nothing to do in my hometown” or do you find yourself wanderlusting over travel, and feel the need to explore new places and cultures?

Then it’s time you found the beauty in your own hometown by becoming a tourist!

Find that a bit weird? It really isn’t…

Whenever you travel to a new place, do you find yourself really invested into researching where to go, what places to visit, the best foodie spots and the hidden gems of that location? It’s amazing what you could discover when you put that effort into exploring your hometown.

You never know how much there is to see and learn right on your doorstep…

Here’s 5 ways you can become a tourist in your own city or country…

Walk around your whole city with new eyes

Have you ever just “walked” around your city?

By walk, we mean actually walk around and take all the sights in…

You’ve probably walked around the same parts of your hometown, glanced at something but never really looked and taken in something for the first time. It’s time to get your shoes on and explore!

When you explore a new place, are you often found taking photos? Why not grab your camera or phone and take some nice shots - you’ll be surprised at how much beauty you will find.

Learn about your city’s history and heritage

You’ve probably driven, taken the bus or walked past the same building, church or statue hundreds of times but never taken the time to stop and look at it properly…

But would you know the name of it, how old it is and the history behind it? Probably not…

Take some time to learn about the history, culture and heritage of your city - you could discover something really cool and unique that makes your city stand out. Try and make time to head to your local museums, exhibits and tours.

You’ll have a much better understanding and appreciation if you spend the time researching and exploring it, just like you would if you went to a new place.

Meet new people

Would you ever go up to a stranger and say hi?

You could start engaging in conversation with the locals in your hometown - okay, it might seem a little daunting but you’ll be surprised by how interesting some conversations can be and how they can have an impact on you.

Have you ever engaged in conversation when you’ve visited somewhere new or abroad and asked them what the local area is like? Why not start with asking this new local stranger what their thoughts are on the city you both live in.

Some conversations don’t have to be long, but what matters is that you’re opening yourself up to meeting new people and who knows, you might make a friend!

Buy from a local business

Have you supported your local high street before?

Supporting and buying from a local business has many positives as it helps support your local high street economy and it helps put food on a families table, but it’s also got many positives for you too.

If you went away somewhere new, you’d probably budget for a few souvenirs to take back home with you, right? By supporting a local business in your hometown, you might find a nice branded item with your hometown name on that you could be proud of.

It also means you’re discovering more local businesses that make your hometown unique, making you feel much more connected to it than ever before.

Take part in a CluedUpp Game!

The ultimate way of exploring your city in a unique experience!

With a detective day experience, you’ll see a side of your city that you’ve never seen before as you wine, dine and solve a crime - whilst all dressed up as your favourite character.

You’ll find yourself walking paths that have been less travelled in your city, see parts you may or may not have known have existed and you’ll be seeing it through the eyes of a detective.

You’ll see your hometown in a whole new light!

Are you more likely to become a tourist in your own city now?

Explore your city now and dive into the world of murder-mystery. Your adventure starts here.


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