Town and Country Insurance Private Game – CluedUpp Games

Team ticket (up to 6 players)


Limited team places available...

Only 1 tickets remaining

Town and Country Insurance Private Game

Team ticket (up to 6 players)

  • Date: 16th October
  • Location: Exeter
  • Game theme: Witchcraft and Wizardry


Limited team places available...

Only 1 tickets remaining

Best team photo
Best team photo


- A magical mystery-solving experience
- One team ticket admits a team of 2-6 players
- A unique event enjoyed by more than a million players worldwide
- You can start the mystery anytime between 9am and 2pm
- Under 16's attend for free
- A socially distanced outdoor event
Best dressed team
Best dressed team

A chilling threat looms large over town as dark forces continue their reign of terror. Hungry for power and twisted from the dark arts, they're using maleficent magic to terrorize innocent witches and wizards.

Someone has to help the magical beings and find the evil mage before it’s too late! Do you have what it takes to save your town and bring an end to these dark and terrifying times?

Assemble your trusted team, grab your wands, and prepare your broomsticks. Only you can save the day.

- Each ticket admits a team of up to 6 players. Brilliant value per person!

- On average, teams take 2-3 hours to solve the mystery

- Other teams will be taking part independently. Imagine thousands of witches and wizards scrambling across town in pursuit of the culprit

- The experience unfolds via our award winning app. Each member of the team can easily download the app to their smartphone before the event

- As the adventure unravels you will navigate your city streets on foot, unlocking cryptic clues and questionable witnesses when you reach specific locations

- Interrogate virtual suspects and solve perplexing puzzles to Save The Realm...

Start any time between 9am and 2pm. The event finishes at 5pm

You can pause the game at any time - stop off for lunch, grab a drink, it’s up to you!

The secret starting location will be revealed in your pre-game briefing, emailed to you 1 week before the event. Simply arrive, load the app, and you're all set

You’ll need at least 1 smartphone per team. Each member of the team (up to 6) can bring their own and use the app. Remember to fully charge your devices!

Feel free to bring your familiar, dogs are extremely welcome to take part. Owls too

We love it when witches and wizards dress to impress. Fancy dress is strongly encouraged, but not essential. Prizes go out to the best dressed team

Prizes will be awarded for each of the following categories:

Fastest team

Best Fancy Dress (Witchcraft & Wizardry Inspired) 

Best Team Picture 

Best Team Name 

- Best Young Witch or Wizard (Under 16's Prize) 

- Magical Mutt (Best Dog Photo)

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CluedUpp events are held entirely outdoors reducing the risk of transmission

Tickets are limited for each event and local policy is closely monitored

The event unfolds virtually via your mobile device, so no contact with anyone else other than your team-mates

Flexible start times to reduce the number of active players

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