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Are you searching for the best team building activities in Seattle? Then look no further. From cooking to comedy, from scavenger hunts to detective adventures, we’ve got our top picks of all the team building in Seattle to share with you. 

Whatever floats your team’s boat, we’ve got it covered. If they’re sports fans, take a look at WhirlyBall. For the creatives, glassblowing might be of interest. If you’re looking for the perfect all-round activity, then CluedUpp’s very own team building adventure might be the one for you. 

Give our simple guide to Team building in Seattle a read, and get in touch if you’re still after some more info.

1. CluedUpp – Real life Clue – an outdoor team building adventure

Cluedupp Games Seattle Image

Come on, admit it – everyone has watched their favourite true crime program and wondered if they would have caught the killer themselves. We all watch the latest series of detective dramas, imagining ourselves in the shoes of the one who figures it all out and saves the day. It’s human nature to try and follow the clues, decide who you trust, and who’d be deserving of another interrogation. Was it the wife all along, is that another red herring, or are you still missing something? 

With CluedUpp’s team building activities in Seattle, it’s your opportunity to live the crime solving experience. Your chance for glory. Grab your magnifying glass, your very best trench coat, decide who’s the Dr. Watson to your Sherlock Holmes. It’s time to be a detective for the day. 

CluedUpp offer immersive crime solving adventures in and around the Seattle area. Our team building and corporate event experiences combine scavenger hunts with treasure trails, puzzle solving with detective dramas – we provide an escape room experience without the four walls, held wherever you want, however you want. 

Our events are tailored entirely dependent on your requirements - whether you’re planning team building for six or sixty, CluedUpp can create the experience entirely for your needs. Your group might be limited on time, and you want to arrange to meet in the grounds of your workplace – a concise and compact event can be created just for you. Or maybe you have a whole day set by and want a detailed and thorough adventure around the centre of Seattle, incorporating a lunch and a few drinks along the way. Each adventure is completely bespoke, meaning no two events are the same and your needs will always be met. 

Whatever your time scale, locality, budget or group size, CluedUpp can arrange an event to suit you. Our website provides tons more detail, including why CluedUpp is the perfect activity for your corporate events.

2. WhirlyBall – Give it a whirl!

WhirlyBall Seattle image

WhirlyBall – the world’s only mechanized team sport, is an interesting blend of lacrosse and basketball, and is played whilst riding a small electric car called a WhirlyBug. Sound crazy? It is, but it’s a game that’s accessible to anyone and everyone and is definitely a contender for the best team building activities in Seattle. 

The WhirlyBall team offer event planning and boast nearly forty year’s worth of experience helping clients to organise and host any occasion. Their package for team building and corporate events includes a ‘Whirly Olympics’ – a competitive day of games including pop-shot, foosball, air hockey and of course their very own WhirlyBall. 

They have a handy Round Robin group organisation initiative, centred around team bonding and encouraging everyone to take part. There are even prizes on offer for the most successful teams. When everyone’s in need of refuelling, there’s plenty of dining options to choose from. The WhirlyBall team can help organise a buffet style feast, especially for your team, or you can visit their in-house café and choose from their delicious menu. Whatever your team’s preference, you can bet WhirlyBall have got it covered.

23401 Hway 99
WA 98026
Telephone: (425) 672-3332

3. Seattle Glassblowing studio – Creative team building in the Seattle area

Seattle Glassblowing Studio Image

Seattle Glassblowing studio is a beautiful space, opened by artist Cliff Goodman in 1991 with a mission to introduce glass to the public through the art of glassblowing. They offer a variety of public classes and events, from virtual experiences held online to glassblowing parties in their studio. Depending on the event you’re looking to plan, one of their experiences may suit your team. 

The smaller studio classes are suited for groups of up to seven, or custom experiences can also be held for up to 35 people. Your team will have the opportunity to get stuck into glassblowing by entering the ‘hot shop’ and getting hands-on with the artists’ help to create a unique piece of glass work – theirs to take home and keep after it has cooled and cured (normally around 48 hours later). 

The team at Seattle Glassblowing can customize packages to fit your group’s needs, and you can discuss possible artistic themes when booking. Typical options include individual moulds, ornaments, seafloats or bowls, and you can even add on a group piece that the artist will create for your team. 

As usual, food and beverage options are available to include in your event – take a look at their website to see if it’s the team building event for you. 

Seattle Glassblowing Studio
2227 5th Avenue

Telephone: 206-448-2181

4. Jet City Improv. – Interactive and creative team building

Jet City Improv Seattle Image

Jet City Improv. pride themselves on offering simple corporate and team-building workshops with lasting impact. The company creates fully customizable activities which have been specifically designed to encourage collaboration, build communication, increase innovation and stimulate creativity. They endeavor to enhance your teams’ skills too – from leadership to customer services, they’ve thought of it all. 

The Jet City Improv. team have over 25 years of experience in the team building business and have worked with many of the world’s most successful corporations – from Microsoft to Amazon, they’ve got quite an impressive resume. 

If you’re after traditional team building in the Seattle area, then Jet City Improv are likely to have a workshop to fit the bill. Their corporate and team building web page lists the ones on offer, and you can get in touch today to receive a quote from their team.

Jet City Improv.
4244 University Way NE #95688

Telephone: +1 206-352-8291

5. Hot Stove Society – Work up an appetite in your Seattle based team building 

Hot Stove Society Image

Hungry? The team at Hot Stove Society have got you covered. From a Dimsum brunch to Duck that dazzles, there’s such a huge variety of cooking classes on offer that you can be sure everyone’s tastes will be met. 

It’s an experience that’s perfect for team building in the Seattle area with their venue slap bang in the middle of the city centre. Their kitchen offers a fabulous venue for groups to meet with the Hot Stove Society’s team of chefs and be led through the whole culinary experience – from food preparation tips and techniques, cooking the chosen dishes and adding finishing touches to the meal. 

Another option which might appeal in the current world of COVID is the option to hold all cooking classes virtually. Team members can gather in Zoom broadcasts and the chef can lead the tutorial as they would in person. Plenty of prior preparation will be organised to ensure your team have got all the ingredients necessary to deliver the feast on offer – kits or recipe packets will be delivered to their doors. 

Whichever choice of class or culinary specialty you decide on, the Hot Stove Society guarantees a delicious experience. 

Hot Stove Society
2000 4th Avenue

Telephone: 206-436-3930

6. Lawless Forge – Forge your team’s bond

Lawless Forge Image

Lawless Forge provides a unique team building option in the Seattle area, offering the opportunity to step into the unfamiliar shoes of a blacksmith for the day. Their experiences are designed to suit all ages, experiences and levels of physical fitness, and you’ll be pleased to hear that no prior experience of blacksmithing is needed. 

This corporate team building activity will aim to reinforce your team, forging bonds like the steel they’ll be working with. Each class is carefully created to encourage group communication and it’s sure to be an experience your team will be discussing for years to come too. 

The classes last three hours and the choice of things to create in that time frame is crazy – from BBQ forks to bottle openers, it’s one creative option to add to your list. 

Lawless Forge
3600 E Marginal Way S #8

Telephone: 206-552-8341

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