Corporate Team Building in Phoenix - The Top 8

Phoenix is blessed with a huge amount of attractions, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues for any and all social occasions. When the purpose of those social occasions becomes corporate (i.e. team building), Phoenix has plenty to offer there too, as many of these venues provide exciting corporate events that encourage teamwork, collaboration and group bonding. 

For businesses, clubs and other organizations, there are many options to bring your team together in Arizona’s biggest city. Here are 8 fun team building activities for adults in Phoenix AZ.

1. Let your inner child loose at Jake’s Unlimited

Jake's Unlimited Image

Remember those awesome days out you had as a kid, bounding around indoor playgrounds for hours on end? Well, you don’t have to be a kid to have all that fun anymore. 

Jake’s Unlimited is Phoenix’s very own award-winning indoor amusement park and fun centre, offering a wide variety of rides and attractions, including laser tag, bowling and 170 arcade games. They also offer unlimited food and bottomless soft drinks for every admission. 

Jake’s Unlimited is popular with people of all ages, and their hassle-free, all-inclusive corporate party packages provide a truly unique option for corporate team building in Phoenix. Get your team together, play games and let loose at Jakes for a memorable bonding event for you and your colleagues. 

2. Solve a crime at the heart of the city with CluedUpp - the thrilling option for corporate team building in Phoenix

CluedUpp Games Phoenix Image

The very best corporate team building events encourage groups to work together, develop strong relationships and build on transferable skills that are useful in the work environment. If that’s what you’re looking for in your next corporate event in Phoenix AZ, a crime-solving mystery with CluedUpp will be perfect.

Here at CluedUpp, we host truly immersive team-building events for groups of all sizes in cities around the world, including Phoenix. Every event sets teams off on a thrilling search through the streets of their city to solve a mind-boggling crime, such as a gruesome murder or a magical mystery in Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

The aim of the adventure is to use a custom map of Phoenix to find virtual clues, hunt for evidence and solve intriguing puzzles to help you uncover who is responsible for committing the crime. The winning team is the one who solves the case the fastest! This interactive activity will challenge everyone in your team’s problem solving, communication and teamwork skills as they work collectively to piece together the mystery. 

For your next corporate event, we’ll build the whole experience around your group, timescale, location and preferences. Bring your team together, encourage some friendly competition, and create memories that will go down in your company’s history with a thrilling, budget-friendly adventure with CluedUpp. 

Book your experience now! 

3. Discover more about the awesome Phoenix food scene with Taste It Tours

Taste It Tours Phoenix

Sampling some of the city’s most delicious treats is the perfect choice for corporate team building that Phoenix’s foodies will love. Get your team out of the office and onto the streets of the city as you discover its hidden culinary secrets. Taste It Tours take groups of between 10 and 100 hungry foodies on walking tours around Phoenix and Scottsdale, visiting between 5 and 6 unique local food establishments en route across an exciting 3 hour tour. 

A food tour with Taste It Tours provides a unique and social corporate event in Phoenix AZ that your team certainly won’t forget in a hurry. See a new perspective of your city, discover new facts of Arizona’s history and try authentic local dishes as your team comes together to eat and learn. 

Just make sure you follow Taste It Tours’ most important piece of advice: come hungry, wear comfortable shoes and make sure you have an elastic waistband! 

4. Get competitive at Octane Raceway

Octane Raceway Image

You’re never too old to enjoy the thrill of indoor go kart racing! For a high energy team building activity for adults in Phoenix AZ, Octane Raceway offers the perfect venue. Encourage friendly competition and celebrate success as your team race go karts at up to 45mph at Octane’s epic ⅓ mile track. 

But that’s not all. Octane Raceway is also home to a unique multiplayer virtual reality gaming arena. Velocity VR transports you and your colleagues into an incredibly realistic game in which your bodies become the controllers. The truly immersive gaming experience encourages communication, collaboration and group bonding like no other. 

Octane Raceway offers a variety of packages for corporate events for groups of between 10 and 500 people, tailored to a wide variety of budgets. A team building event at Octane Raceway will get hearts racing and go down in your company’s history.

5. Brush up on your painting skills at The Brush Bar

Brush Bar Phoenix Image

Paint and sip parties make an ideal option for creative and inclusive adult team building activities in Phoenix AZ. The Brush Bar in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale is the perfect location for just that. 

The creative hub takes traditional paint and sip parties and adapts them to be ideally suited for corporate events. They offer a variety of team building painting party options, including Painting Musical Chairs, where you and your team move from canvas to canvas throughout the whole workshop to create truly collaborative works of art. 

Although The Brush Bar is based in Scottsdale, they also offer Brush-to-Go painting experiences, meaning they can bring the easels, paints, canvases and other equipment to your space. They’ll even bring you a glass of wine each - to help get those creative juices flowing. 

The best part? After the workshop, everyone will have a unique piece of art to take home with them. This is the ideal artistic corporate event for Phoenix’s creative teams. 

6. Relieve stress at the Simply Smashing Rage Room 

Simply Smashing Room Image

Work can be stressful, and teams can begin to feel burnt out and lack motivation in the workplace. Some team building activities provide opportunities to reinvigorate stressed out teams by giving them a chance to really let loose. The Simply Smashing Rage Room does just that, in a way you might not have considered before. 

The Simply Smashing Rage Room encourages recreational and therapeutic destruction by taking you and your team into a room filled with items you can smash the hell up. All breakables and safety wear are provided, and you can even put your favourite tunes on while you do it. 

Boost energy, let off steam and create memories that will be talked about in the office for months to come with this invigorating and fun team building activity in Phoenix!

7. Perfect your axe throwing at LumberJaxes

LumberJaxes Phoenix Image

In recent years, the popularity of axe throwing as a sport has skyrocketed. Now, organizations are beginning to see the benefits of axe throwing as an activity for challenging and memorable team building! Phoenix’s own axe throwing venue, LumberJaxes, is the ideal place to try your hand at it. 

With venues in Tempe and Glendale, LumberJaxes is perfect for beginners and experienced axe throwers alike. For corporate events, you can bring up to 100 people along for an interactive 3-hour activity in which you’ll be taught how to axe throw and then compete against your colleagues in an epic, high adrenaline contest. You can book catering and drink options for the occasion too.

If you can’t make it to LumberJaxes venues, fear not! They can bring the coach, equipment and venue to you. Axe throwing at LumberJaxes is the dangerously fun team building activity Phoenix needs. 

8. Work on your culinary skills at Cooking With Joni

Joni Cook's Team Building Image

It’s well known that learning new skills as a group is an enjoyable and effective method for corporate team building. Phoenix has plenty of educational event options on offer, including an exciting culinary class with Cooking With Joni. 

Get your group of up to 12 people together and learn how to cook new international dishes with friendly, European-trained chef Joni. The relaxed atmosphere will foster learning, laughter and group bonding that will bring your team together as you learn transferable skills that will last a lifetime. 

For your corporate event, you’ll be welcomed with hors d’oeuvres before being guided to your well-stocked workstation. There, in teams of 2, you’ll prepare a portion of the meal under Joni’s skillful guidance. After your whole team has done their bit to prepare the delicious food, you can sit down together and enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

A hands-on culinary class with Joni is a creative and inclusive team building activity for adults in Phoenix AZ. 


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