Team Building Days Out in Nottingham

If you’re searching for team building days out in Nottingham, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve done the hard work for you. In fact, we’ve pulled together a list of the best activities and experiences in the local area - as well as the contact details you need to get your name on the booking list. 

1. CluedUpp Games - Outdoor team building ideas in Nottingham 

Nottingham CluedUpp Games

Whether you want your team to get to know the local area or you’re looking for an event that can be enjoyed wherever, and whenever you like, depending on the rest of the day’s activities, CluedUpp is guaranteed to impress. In fact, there’s a reason that over a million people have taken part so far. 

Think of it like your very own murder mystery tour around the city. Using an app on your phone, you’ll work your way through a series of games and brain teasers, searching for virtual clues, suspects and witnesses. Working in small groups, you’ll be tracked by GPS as you set off around Nottingham to discover who the culprit is. The end goal is to find out who’s guilty and what weapon was used. 

The event takes place outdoors - making it a great and safe way to get together during these Covid times. It can also easily be rearranged if the British weather isn’t on your side, and it’s free to do so. There’s also no need for any extra equipment and you don’t need to have played before. With no live actors or physically demanding challenges, it’s also ideal for all ages and fitness abilities. 

You have a choice between themes too - Witchcraft and Wizardry, The Ripper or CSI - meaning you can tailor make this corporate event in Nottingham to be one that is remembered for all the right reasons. 

2. Escape Room - Get your brains ticking and heart rate pumping

Escape Room Image

Escapologic offers corporate team building in Nottingham like never before. You see, behind every door awaits a world of thrills, suspense and mystery. Choose from terrifying toy shops, cursed crypts and haunted laboratories. Once inside, you have just 60 minutes to try and get out.

That’s easier said than done though. In your group, you’ll have to work quickly to search for clues, complete mini challenges and find your way to freedom. With the clock ticking away, the pressure is on. 

This spooky event is a great way to get groups working together, while identifying individual strengths and weaknesses.

0116 4161 166

3. The Human Shoelace - An Easy Way To Bond Large Groups

Human Shoelace Image

It might sound weird, but in actual fact it’s one of the most fun team building days out that Nottingham has to offer. Run by Off Limits, this ice-breaker challenge is a great way to kickstart your corporate away day.

Suitable for up to 150 people, you have to work together while tied up to tie a shoe lace on a fictional left and right shoe.

But that’s not all. The clock is ticking, patience is waning and, if someone messes up, you may just get a penalty or two… 
01773 766 050

4. Combat Archery - Let Off Steam And Boost Your Teamwork With This Outdoor Team Building Idea

Adrenalin Jungle Archery Image

Brought to you by Adrenalin Jungle, Combat Archery is a fun and alternative activity for your corporate events in Nottingham. 

Your experience begins with a session on the archery range station where you’ll learn the ropes, as well as a few best practice tips. Armed with this, you’ll then be invited to the combat archery arena. 

Equipped with the best archery arrows on the market, you’ll go head to head with your colleagues as you battle it out to win the war. Don’t worry though as the arrows have been built with a soft felt tip so there’s no risk of any injury. 

Typical events usually last one hour but large groups can request a double session. There’s also the option to arrange other activities while some are in the combat arena so that everyone is occupied. 

Honestly, it’s like something out of Games of Thrones…

5. Blindfold Driving - A Unique Game That Requires Trust, Faith And A Little Wishful Thinking

BlindFold Driving image

You may be wondering if there are any truly unique corporate team building activities in Nottingham, something that few of your team will have done before? We’re willing to bet that not many people have driven a car blindfolded, and if they have, why?!

In pairs, one person from each team will drive blindfolded while the other gives directions. The team to pass the finish line in the quickest time wins. But it’s not as simple as driving along a straight road.

You’ll have to reverse, stop, start and brake in order to maneuver your vehicle along an obstacle course. Plus, when the pressure’s on, it’s amazing to see how many people mix up their left and right. Oh, and did we mention, you’ll be driving a 4x4 along a dirt track. Expect a few bumps in the road…
07725 224 543

6. It’s A Knockout - Motivating Corporate Events That Are A Guaranteed Laugh

It's a knockout image

Popular with stags, hens and schools, It’s a Knockout is now available for corporate events in Nottingham. Get ready for a day of problem solving activities, motivational games, leadership exercises and group challenges - all of which are designed to get you thinking and working together.

Designed to stimulate the mind and body, each experience can be tailored to suit your corporate and group needs. There’s also the option to be inside or out, and you can split it up into morning and afternoon sessions.

One thing’s for sure, it guarantees a few laughs along the way. 
 07803 604885

7. Crystal Maze - A Fun Team Building Day Out That Nottingham Needs

Crystal Maze Nottingham image

We all loved the 1990s TV game show, The Crystal Maze. Come on, don’t pretend you didn’t try and recreate the set-up in your bedroom…

Well now, thanks to Chillisauce, you can put your skills to the test as you try to work out a number of different physical and mental challenges. Working in teams, you’ll be led through various zones - just like the TV show - with the aim of getting to the dome and winning as many golden tickets as possible. 

Along the way, there will be a few tricky scenarios though. Plus, if someone from your team doesn’t make it out on time, and gets locked in, it’s up to you to decide if you want to let them free.
0207 2991832

8. The Cookaway Cook Along - A Tasty Team Building Event 

Cookaway Image

This team building event can be carried out wherever you’re based - so if you’ve got a morning of corporate meetings, why not arrange this virtual do in the conference room for the afternoon? 

In short, it’s a virtual cookalong with a chef who will guide and support you through a delicious menu that’s suitable for everyone. 

You can take your pick from a variety of world cuisines and there’s no need to worry about getting all the ingredients as these are delivered to you. Plus, all recipes are nutritionally balanced so that’s your five a day taken care of too. It’s a win-win!
+44 333 016 5664

9. Old School Sports - Get Ready For Classics Such As The Egg And Spoon Race

Sports Day experience image

Okay so we might have hated sports day when we were at school but now the thought of the beanbag race or a three-legged run are hilarious. Still difficult. But hilarious.

Xtreme Events has even turned it into a fun corporate team building event for Nottingham based companies. Choose from a range of games, get your brightest sweatband on and be prepared to run as fast as you can while holding an egg on a spoon. No cheating though!

It’s an ideal event for breaking the ice or a great way to unwind after a few days in a stuffy conference centre. What’s more, it can be hosted in lots of different locations, so the choice is yours. 
01487 465001

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