Team Building in Montreal - The Best Unusual Activities

Whatever the cause for celebration, or whether you just want a team away day that will allow them to focus on core skills for the next quarter, there’s a whole host of events, experiences and activities that are ideal for team building in Montreal. What’s more, if you’re looking for something different - compared to the typical raft building and water sports activities everyone’s done time and time again - you’ve stumbled across the right page.

You see, we’ve pulled together the most popular and most unusual team building choices in the area to help you to plan a day that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. You’ll even find the contact details and website information for each activity. We reckon that deserves Employee of the Month, right?!

1. CluedUpp Games - Team building activities for Montreal companies

Cluedupp Games Montreal

Picture a standard murder mystery tour and turn it up a notch. Then, turn the notch up again, and again, and you’ve got CluedUpp. In short, it’s a fun and interactive experience around the city of Montreal that requires you to work in groups to complete challenges, solve puzzles and find those all-important clues. The aim is to find out who the culprit is and what weapon was used.

Using your smartphones, you’ll be led around a location of your choice as you watch the mystery unfold. You can also choose between a number of themes including Witchcraft and Wizardry, The Ripper and CSI - and so far, over one million people have taken part. 

Unlike many other team building events, this one doesn’t require any other equipment or any significant physical ability. It can be carried out in your own time and whether you run or walk around Montreal is up to you. 

Even better, in this day and age, the fact CluedUpp is played completely outside means you can ensure your group can get together in a Covid-friendly way. Plus, if the weather isn’t on your side or for safety reasons you decide to push the meet-up back, you can do so easily and free of charge. 

As well as being a safe, inclusive and fun experience for corporate teams of all sizes and ages, it’s a great way to boost communication, team morale and build character.

2. Dodgebow - An epic team building activity that requires a great aim

Dodgebow Image

Employers in Canada will be pleased to know there’s plenty of team building companies near Montreal and the surrounding areas that offer corporate events for all business sizes. Plus, this activity will certainly get everyone talking for the right reasons.

Mixing archery and combat sport, you’ll be equipped with specially made arrows that have a foam head, as well as all the protective gear you need. Split into teams, it’s then a case of hitting your colleagues with the arrows in order for them to be out of the game.

Put simply, the rules are the same as the popular game Dodgeball, but this time you’re playing with foam arrows. It’s action-packed and fast-paced, and so much more enjoyable than sitting around a table at a conference and playing a game of two truths and a lie. 
1 (514) 360-6428

3. Give Back - A wholesome team activity that does everyone good


Moisson Montreal Image

So many corporate events are about taking. But this team building idea in Montreal is all about giving back to the community. Led by Moisson Montreal - a charitable organization that provides food to those who need it the most - you’ll help out by picking and packing up food donations. 

Not only does it feel great to be supporting a local cause, but there really is no better way to inspire your team. You’ll even have the chance to chat with some of the service users as well as the people behind the mission. 

This uplifting activity is also a great way to get employees to think about something else other than pressing deadlines.
514 344-4494

4. H2O Dragon Boat - Fun team building in Montreal for large groups of people


H20 Dragon Boat Rowing Image

Finding team building activities in Montreal that keep big groups entertained can be quite the challenge. But this activity from Zenith Team Building does exactly that.

Ideal for up to 1,000 people, the H2O Dragon Boat activity requires communication, coordination and teamwork. Hosted in Montreal’s Parc Jean Drapeau, you’ll be split into teams and shown to your very own Dragon Boat.

After coming up with a team name, and being given some best practice advice from the experts, it’s time to shine. During the race, you’ll have to paddle and row as fast as you can to get to the finish line first. How quick you move will depend on how synchronized you are - which is easier said than done.
(514) 999.4640

5. Montreal Improv - Let your character shine

Montreal Improv Image

Whether it’s an angry customer or your manager has asked whether you mind staying late, occasionally everyone has to put on an act at work. And in this activity, you’ll learn a few top acting skills to ensure every performance is realistic. 

Led by Montreal Improv, a team building company in Montreal that is dedicated to improvised theatre, you’ll enjoy a drama class for beginners and advanced. After getting some tips and playing some games to get the creativity flowing, your groups will then be given a scenario to act out. 

It’s a great way to get people out of their shell and, if some of your team members are required to think on the spot and communicate with customers, you’re sure to go home with essential skills too.

6. Painting Workshop - Get the creative juices flowing in this corporate away day

Montreal Painting Workshop Image

This activity gives your team the opportunity to show off their own individual skills while working together to create a masterpiece. You’ll each be given paper, pens, paints and more as you work your magic in this arty session.

Some companies decide to give their employees a theme, others let you have free rein and some teams work together to come up with artistic aims. Once the session is over, it’s time to showcase your work, and you can even take the pieces home with you. 

If your working environment is stressful and fast-paced, then we guarantee you’ll reap the benefits of this slower, chilled activity. The experience can also cater for 10-200 people making it a great choice for all types of businesses.

7. Ice Sculpting - Break the ice between your group


Team Bonding - Ice Sculpting Image

Team building ideas for Montreal-based businesses seem to all be the same. That’s until you scrape the ice… Can you see what we did there? 

In groups, you’ll be tasked with creating a masterpiece out of huge, cold, solid blocks of ice. Of course, time is of the essence if you don’t want to be surrounded by a pool of freezing water.

Armed with gloves, chisels and some best practice advice, it’s up to you what you want to create - or try to create, we should say. From company logos to your boss's face, you can tailor this experience however you like. 

It requires quick-thinking, even quicker action and a lot of teamwork and communication. Even if the finished product isn’t quite what you imagined, there’s guaranteed to be a few laughs along the way. 

8. Dine In The Dark - After-work team building in Montreal 

Dine in the Dark drinks image


Okay, so going out for a meal with your colleagues might not be very different. But when they turn off the lights, and you’re required to use all of your other senses to enjoy the meal, we guarantee that this will be a very unusual experience. 

Can you work out who’s on your table? Who can determine what’s been served in front of you? Where is your wine glass, and which fork is for which course?

With your sight taken away for the session, you’ll have to listen to the people around you and work in a team to see what’s on the menu. 

Held at the O'Noir restaurant, this is the first place in North America that invites groups to sit down for dinner, in complete darkness. Its doors haven’t just been opened to offer businesses a fun experience though. All waiting staff are blind here and the idea is that you can experience what life and eating is like for them.
(514) 937-9727

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