The Best Team Building Activities in Melbourne
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Melbourne: the Australian city of art, culture and celebration. There’s so much to see and do, and if you’re looking to take your company, team or group out for an exciting team building event, Melbourne has so much to offer. 

Here are 10 of the best team building activities in Melbourne.

1) Work together to solve a mysterious crime on the streets of Melbourne with CluedUpp

CluedUpp event in Melbourne, the image shows a team of players posing in the Melbourne CBD

Undoubtedly one of the best and most collaborative team building activities on offer in Melbourne is provided by CluedUpp, the events company with a difference. We host immersive, crime-solving experiences that take teams on rollercoaster journeys around their cities as they try to uncover an intriguing mystery. 

Each event is based on a mind-boggling crime, which can only be solved by collecting clues, evidence and witness testimonies from spots around the city. Using GPS, we track each player’s location and guide them towards puzzles and challenges that will help them uncover the culprit. 

This is the perfect, Covid-safe team building activity for Melbourne as it takes place entirely outside. The virtual map, which is customised to your city and specific requirements, is accessed via your team’s phones, making it extra safe in the age of social distancing.

Split your group up into teams and race to see who can solve the mystery the fastest! A crime-solving experience with CluedUpp will encourage teamwork, problem solving and bonding within your team, making it an ideal team building activity that your colleagues won’t forget in a hurry. Get in touch to organise yours!

2) Make your own terrarium with a drink in hand at The Plant Whisperer

The Plant Whisperer team building event in Melbourne. The image shows 3 members of a group holding their handmade terrariums.

A unique and creative team building activity in Melbourne involves a trip to The Plant Whisperer, where you and your team can make your own terrariums. This 1.5 hour hands-on, beginners workshop will teach you how to create and care for your enclosed miniature garden, with complimentary drinks and snacks to keep you going. 

For smaller groups, you can book into one of The Plant Whisperer’s public classes. For larger groups of between 12 and 100 people, you can book a private class at their Brunswick venue, or they can come to your space. A build-your-own terrarium workshop is the relaxed and creative team building event that Melbourne residents have been waiting for. 


3) Host a tasty Chinese dumpling party at Otao Kitchen - the perfect team building activity for Melbourne’s foodies

A group event at Otao Kitchen. The image shows a team building activity of dumpling making at their in-house kitchen.

Immerse yourself in Chinese food culture and learn the essentials of dumpling-making in this unique cookery class. Guided by a professional chef, you and your team will learn how to make your own dumpling dough from scratch, which you’ll then fill with your choice of beef, pork, chicken or tofu. 

Learn new skills, embrace Chinese culture and enjoy eating your delicious creations together in this intimate group setting. And the best part is, your team will gain all the skills required to make your own dumplings at home! 

A dumpling party at Otao Kitchen is a unique and fun corporate team building idea in Melbourne for groups of 10 to 60 people.


4) Introduce your colleagues to the adrenaline rush of Archery Attack
Archery Attack Melbourne, an archery based team building event. The image shows a group of archers at an event posing for the camera with bows in hand.

After a long, hard week at work, sometimes there’s nothing more you’d like to do than shoot Angela from Finance (with a foam tipped arrow, of course). Archery Attack makes this possible. 

Archery Attack is a fun cross between archery, paintball and dodgeball. Your group will be split into teams and pitted against each other in an epic, high adrenaline battle between your workmates. Form alliances, work together and ensure your aim is spot on to succeed at this unique new sport. 

The Archery Attack company can be fully mobile, meaning they can come to your space or local park for the fast paced event. Or, you can visit them at their Melbourne indoor venue. It’s the perfect team building activity in Melbourne, whatever the weather. 


5) Experience some healthy competition at Bosozoku

Bosozoku Gaming Bar in Melbourne. The image shows a team of people, one of whom is wearing a bunny outfit, drinking and playing games.

Bosozoku is a bar like no other. The Japanese-themed club house, burger lounge and karaoke bar is filled with pool tables, ping pong tables, darts boards and retro Nintendo games that will keep your team entertained for hours. They also serve unique drinks, gourmet burgers and Japanese tapas (or “Japas”, as they call it).

For groups of up to 30 people, you can hire out a room with a variety of food and drink packages, and challenge your team to a night of laughs, nostalgic games and intense competition!

An evening of game-playing at Bosozoku is a corporate team building idea that Melbourne’s fun-loving groups will love. 

Phone: 03 7012 4142

6) Make the next blockbuster with Hollywood Movie Making

This image shows a team at a Hollywood Movie Making event in Melbourne. They are all celebrating the end of their filming endeavours.

Are you looking for a team building activity in Melbourne that will encourage creativity, teamwork and collaboration? Well, the Hollywood Movie Making experience might be just what you’re looking for. 

This fully interactive activity will teach your team how to script, film and produce their own movie that incorporates your company or group’s key values, products or services. Each team will be accompanied by a highly trained technical staff member as well as a performing actor, who will give important tips and tricks to produce an epic movie. 

The activity is spread across 2 days and will challenge your team to really get their creative juices flowing as they learn new cinematography skills. The process of creating the films, as well as coming together to watch them, will be a hilarious and memorable experience that your team will love. 


7) Find your way out of a tricky escape room at Trapt

Trapt Escape Room in Melbourne. The image shows a dark passageway with railway tracks and a locked door.

Due to their fun and collaborative nature, escape rooms continue to be a popular choice for team building activities. Melbourne has plenty of its own exciting escape rooms on offer, and Trapt is undoubtedly one of the best. 

At Trapt, you and your team have just 50 minutes to break out of one of their mind-boggling rooms, such as The Wayward Wizard or Cave In. Work together and challenge your problem solving skills as you try to uncover tricky puzzles and riddles to allow you to escape in time. 

Trapt can cater for a group of up to 200 people, with staggered session times that give everyone in your team a chance to enjoy a uniquely challenging escape room. While you wait for your turn, there’s even a cool bar to sit back and relax in. 

For groups of all sizes, Trapt’s escape rooms provide an ideal spot for effective and exciting team building events in Melbourne. 

Phone: 03 9077 7941

8) Get a hole in one at Holey Moley Golf Club

Holey Moley Golf Club in Melbourne. The image shows a group of people playing crazy golf. One of the group is getting ready to take a shot whilst the others look on in anticipation.

Get your colleagues together for a competitive team building event that Melbourne’s sport-loving groups will absolutely love. Holey Moley is a mini golf course and bar that takes mini golf to a whole new level. The venue is bright, colourful and filled with unique holes that are inspired by popular culture as well as everyday life. There’s also a full service bar on offer, serving up cocktails, drinks and tunes that will get everyone in your team out of their seats.

For your next corporate event, book a round of mini golf, enjoy crazy cocktails and eat tasty homemade pizzas to your heart’s content.  


9) Build toys for deserving children

Groups of people at a team building event for Toys for Tykes. The people are kneeling on the ground constructing toys for needy children.

For an activity that brings your team together and is also really worthwhile, why not take part in Toys for Tykes? This 3-hour activity provides you with all you need to make a new toy that will be presented to a deserving child. The event also involves a number of team building activities, exercises and competitions.  

Toys for Tykes is an excellent idea for a rewarding team building activity that encourages collaboration and communication between the members of your group.


10) Bring the thrilling world of virtual cricket to your office

Virtual Reality Cricket Melbourne. The image shows a player in a VR headset getting ready to play virtual cricket.

Virtual Cricket is a fully immersive virtual reality cricket experience that will bring your colleagues together and challenge their sporting skills. How does it work? It’s simple. You put on a VR headset and are immediately transported to a scarily realistic, world class cricket stadium. As you play, you’ll hear crowds cheering and ongoing commentary from spectators. 

Virtual Cricket can be played individually, but it’s most fun to play tournaments in teams - making it a perfect team building activity for Melbourne’s most energetic groups. You can take turns playing while the other players follow the drama on a large screen. 

This high tech event is completely virtual, meaning it can take place anywhere, including in your own office or private space. Bring team members of all ages and abilities together with this exciting cricket experience, which can fit seamlessly into the work day. 


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