Team Building in Indianapolis - The Best Activities and Events

Team building events are a fantastic way to break the ice, bring teams together and make lasting memories in groups of all sizes.

Indianapolis has plenty of unique activities on offer to do just that, ranging from thrilling murder mystery events to creative artistic experiences. Here are 9 of the best activities and events for team building in Indianapolis.

1. Do your bit for children in need with a Charity Bike Buildathon

Bike Buildathon Image

The Charity Bike Buildathon is a great cross between a charitable activity and a fun team building event in Indianapolis. The indoor workshop gives you and your team the chance to build and decorate bicycles which will then be donated to a local children’s charity. The hands-on experience encourages group bonding, creativity and teamwork, bringing your team together while doing something really worthwhile. 

How does it work? Your group will be split into smaller teams who will build bicycles for children. Then, each team will work together to design epic ad campaigns for the bikes, which they’ll showcase to the wider group. All the items the teams build will go to charity. The Charity Bike Buildathon is a wonderfully wholesome corporate event in Indianapolis. 
800 565 8735

2. Take to the streets and solve a thrilling murder mystery with CluedUpp

CluedUpp Games Image

If you’re looking for a fun team building event in Indianapolis that will encourage teamwork, problem solving and excellent communication, a crime-solving CluedUpp experience might just be perfect. 

Here at CluedUpp, we create criminally good, immersive experiences for groups of all ages across the globe. Each event takes teams on an interactive journey across their city as they work together to hunt for evidence, clues and witnesses to help them solve a mysterious crime. Can your team discover who is responsible for a murder in the heart of Indianapolis? 

Our events take place entirely outside, ensuring everyone remains safe in the age of social distancing. The experience is driven by an app which players can access on their phones. It tracks each player’s position using GPS and guides teams across a custom-built map as they collect virtual clues and piece together the intriguing mystery. The team that discovers the culprit in the fastest time wins! 

An immersive, crime-solving event with CluedUpp is a fantastically unique and great value experience for effective team building in Indianapolis. Click the link below to organize yours.

3. Sharpen up your painting skills at Half Baked Pottery

Halfbaked Pottery Image

For a creative and laid-back team building activity in Indianapolis, take your team to Half Baked Pottery for one of their DIY pottery painting workshops. Help your team take their mind off work and relax together as they paint their own ceramics, which can be selected in advance. 

The workshops can accommodate up to 55 people and last between 2 and 3 hours. Half Baked Pottery will provide everything you need for the painting, including all paints, brushes and idea books, and you are welcome to bring your own snacks and refreshments. A week after the event, your team can collect their unique pieces of art and treasure them for years to come! 
317 251 2386

4. Go climbing at the CRUX

Go Climbing Image

A challenging and stimulating activity for team building in Indianapolis takes place at CRUX, the indoor climbing adventure park. Book a private climbing lesson for you and your group, or hire the whole climbing centre for 2 to 6 hours for your high energy, action-packed team building experience. 

Up to 20 eager climbers can take part in this event, which is suitable for all experience levels. CRUX’s impressive bouldering wall will put your team to the test, and their helpful instructors will give everyone the guidance they need to allow the group to learn new skills together. 

Bring your team together for this energetic learning experience that will certainly make for a memorable corporate event in Indianapolis. 
318 471 8277

5. Penn & Beech Candle Company - the best smelling team building in Indianapolis

Penn and Beech Image

A creative and fun team building event in Indianapolis involves a trip to Penn & Beech Candle Company, where you and your team can create your own fabulous scented candles. Penn & Beech’s scent experts will help each member of your team find their own signature scent amongst over 100 different premium oils. These can then be mixed and used to make a candle, diffuser, body spray or room spray.

After pouring your candle, your team can relax and enjoy a drink or bite to eat while it cures. You can also get creative and design a custom label for your new product. Then, you officially become a custom fragrance maker, and everyone in your team will have a unique scent that is not available anywhere else in the world! This experience for team building is Indianapolis’ best smelling by far, and one that your team will not forget in a hurry.

6. Break out of jail at The Escape Room Indianapolis

Escape Room Image

Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular as team building activities because they encourage groups to work together and problem solve as they try to escape. New escape rooms are popping up across the state, making it a great choice for team building in Indianapolis. 

The Escape Room Indianapolis offers fun, interactive adventure games that challenge teams to decipher clues, solve puzzles and find keys and combinations to escape a locked room - all in under 60 minutes. They have 7 unique rooms on offer, including Jail Break, Bank Heist and Space: 2112. Each is mentally stimulating with an immersive storyline that will get the whole team engaged. 

Larger groups are broken up into different rooms and it’s a race to see who can get out first. Will your group be up to the challenge? 

The Escape Room offers an ideal location for a memorable team building activity in Indianapolis. 
317 986 6542

7. Work on your swings at Top Golf

Top Golf Image

Just a 25-minute drive from downtown Indy, Top Golf provides a cool, competitive spot for your next team building event. Whatever the weather, you and your team can enjoy hitting microchipped golf balls that track each shot’s distance and accuracy, rewarding points for hitting targets out on the range. This challenging yet exciting game is fun for golfers of all abilities, encouraging collaboration and communication amongst your team in Top Golf’s high tech, climate controlled venues.

Top Golf’s dedicated three hour team building activity provides a skilled host to guide your group through the day, an icebreaker activity, discussion guides and three to four rounds of thrilling competition. This will be an experience your team won’t forget.
765 212 3488

8. Skate the night away at Roller City

Indianapolis skating image

This is the nostalgic and fun team building event that Indianapolis needs. A visit to Roller City is sure to be a real hit. For groups of 15 to 800 people, Roller City Indy provides a variety of options for corporate events, including a wide range of private party packages. Let your team kick back and make the most of roller skating, glow in the dark mini golf, arcade games and more. 

If anyone in your group is totally new to skating, fear not! Roller City can provide private lessons for newbies. There’s also an arcade filled with exciting video and redemption games - and a full service pizza cafe - to keep everyone entertained while they’re taking a break from the rink.  

A trip to Roller City will breathe a new lease of life into your corporate event in Indianapolis!
317 734 3821

9. Learn new artistic skills at the Indianapolis Art Centre

Indianapolis Art Centre Image

The art classes hosted at Indianapolis Art Centre provide unique and creative experiences for team building in Indianapolis. The non-profit art centre offers hundreds of different classes and camps all year round for people of all different ability levels. On its vast 9.5 acre campus, it also has more than a dozen contemporary art exhibitions on display across six impressive galleries.

For team building events, Indianapolis Art Centre offers customised group classes which can be tailored to fit your group’s needs. Craft special memories by carrying out activities like painting a mural of your company or group’s logo, working together to learn glass blowing, and gaining new skills in ceramics, printmaking, sculpture and textiles. 

For artistic and unforgettable team building in Indianapolis, the Art Centre provides a wide variety of creative options.

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