The Best Team Building Activities in Houston

1. Escape Hunt – Experience the excitement

Escape Hunt Houston Image

Escape Hunt provides a great setting for your team building activities in Houston, TX. They offer a wide selection of games for you to choose from, each taking place in different rooms with a variety of themes. Your group could be hunting for Blackbeard’s Treasure, figuring out Alice in Wonderland’s puzzles or following in Professor Plum’s footsteps in a Cluedo-esque mystery. 

The venue offers the largest escape room in Houston so is ideal for large corporate team building activities. There is the capacity for unlimited players and teams – why not test out each room? There’s plenty to go around. 

If online gaming is more your style, there’s also the option to Escape Hunt from anywhere in the world. They offer five-star virtual experiences where your teams can play digital adventures guided by an expert host. This might be ideal if your Houston team building needs to be held remotely, definitely an option in this COVID crazy world. 

Escape Hunt Houston
123 W Gray Street 
Telephone: (346) 240-9111

2. Windward SeaVenture – Get the wind in your team’s sails

Windward SeaVenture Boat Image

In Galveston Bay, Windward SeaVenture offers the opportunity for your Houston team building to take place in a little bit of a different setting. They are an ASA certified sailing school, with a host of incredible instructors ready to get your team off dry land and out of their comfort zone. 

Dependant on the type of team building event you’re after, there are a few options you can choose to book. If your team are in need of a kick back, you can opt for a relaxing sailing cruise. If it’s challenges they’re looking for, there are a variety of technical trials which are sure to promote bonding. Wind SeaVenture can also up the stakes entirely and organise some serious competition for your team event. A regatta challenge means you can have two boats and two crews – competing directly with each other. It’s an adventure designed to bring everyone out of their comfort zone and forget about the office for a day. 

With a wide variety of team building possibilities on offer, including complete customization with food, drinks and transport, it’s definitely an option. 

Windward SeaVenture
100 Admiralty Way

Telephone: 281-467-2279

3. Cluedupp – Bespoke team building events in any location of your choice

Cluedupp Games Houston Image

Are you looking for fun? Are you looking for flexibility? Are you looking for an event that can be designed entirely dependent on your team? 

Look no further – CluedUpp will organise the perfect event for you. 

Our experiences are created for the crime solvers, the challenge overcomers, the Sherlock Holmes that lies within all of us. With real life locations, there are no props, no actors, no virtual realities. It’s an adventure that gets people up from their desks, away from their screens and totally distanced from the everyday grind. You’re following clues, solving puzzles, exploring a location of your choice, whilst interacting with your team in a way that you would only achieve from such an immersive and unique experience. 

The whole event takes place with the use of a simple smartphone app – created in an entirely bespoke manner, tailored for your team. We create your map, your clues, your suspects – a complete game personalized for your requirements. Your team could be hunting the streets of Houston for a serial killer, following leads and questioning witnesses. Or maybe they’re picking up the pieces from an armed robbery, watching CCTV footage and visiting the crime scene. 

However it’s not just corporate team building that we cater for either. With total and utter flexibility in your planning, bespoke events can be created that are suitable for anyone from a group of school children from the country, a local town youth group, or a law firm from the city. CluedUpp events are so flexible, there’s guaranteed to be an option that meets your group’s needs. 

4. Zero Latency – Let’s get virtual

Zero Latency Houston image

Another option to consider for your corporate team building activities in Houston is Zero Latency – a virtual reality experience using all the latest VR gear. 

Don the headset, pop on the backpack and grab the controller. You pick a game of your choice and are free to move as you please. With no wires or walls, your team can become totally immersed in the experience. The VR headset provides intense detail and crystal-clear sound. The backpack is the computer that powers your experience – high performance and high comfort in a clever, easily transportable design. The controller gives the user perfect accuracy to interact with the virtual world. 

There are eight games to choose from, ranging from a zombie apocalypse to an all-ages puzzle experience. Depending on your team’s requirements, there’s sure to be something to appeal.

Zero Latency Houston
12143 Freeway Houston

Telephone: 832-617-7430

5. Acute Workshop – Get your creative juices flowing

Acute Workshop Image

A more creative option for your team building or corporate event in Houston is Acute workshop. This beautiful studio space allows your group to connect in a chilled, laid-back environment. Being creative has been proven to provide excellent opportunities for stress relief and is an ideal activity to release any work induced tension. 

Acute Workshop allows visitors to create personalised artwork, with the studio specialising in wooden signs and home décor. The host promises to lead you through the creative process, ensuring that no prior artistic skills are required. 

The whole space can be rented to meet your group size needs, and it’s also an option to bring-your-own-booze – perfect!

Acute Workshop
20510 West Road 
#100 Cypress
TX 77433


6. Recipe for Success – Who’s hungry?

Recipe for Success Image

Recipe for Success is a charity with a simple mission – they are dedicated to combat obesity in children by encouraging education and appreciation throughout local communities. The team has developed a comprehensive learning program to make healthy eating as fun as it is essential. 

At Hope Farms, where the charity’s urban farm is based, Chef Carlos offers amazing group cooking classes which provide teams an opportunity to work together in a completely hands-on environment to learn new skills, or sharpen existing ones. From homemade pasta workshops, pastry technique tips and Christmas cookie baking – there’s sure to be a cooking activity to get your team’s taste buds tingling. 

Strict COVID health and safety rules are adhered to for all classes so your Houston team building events can take place totally stress free. 

Recipe for Success 
10401 Scott Street

Telephone: +1 713-520-0443

7. Tantrums – Let it all out


Tantrums Team Building Image

Have you had a tough week? Has your workplace been loading on the stress? Do you need an outlet to go absolutely mad? Look no further, this is the original rage room team building activity in Houston TX that will encourage you to use sledgehammers, golf clubs and baseball bats to create complete and utter devastation. 

Tantrums has the facilities to host whatever event you have in mind and offers deals depending on the size of your group and your ideal time frame. We offer televisions to smash, dinner plates to hurl across the room, even windscreens to cave in.

If your team are feeling a bit tense, channel that anger and have your tantrum at Tantrums. 

1730 Elmview Drive

Telephone: +1 832-804-898

8. Space City – Out of this world


Houston Space City Image

Visit Space City Houston for a totally immersive science and space team building activity. The area on offer is a leading learning center, full of engaging exhibits. There is over 250,000 square feet of both indoor and outdoor space available to make the Space City yours for the day. 

Whether your team want to visit in the daytime to experience the current science exhibits and artefacts, or for a bespoke evening dining experience set at this iconic venue. Agendas can be custom made whatever the time of day, with options of utilising the entire gallery or just individual spaces or conference rooms. 

This venue has been known to host events from small meetings, right up to parties of 5,000. Whatever your requirements, it’s definitely worth taking a look at whether Space City is the right option for your team building event in Houston. 

Space City
1601 NASA Parkway

Telephone: +12812442100


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