The Top 6 Team Building Activities in Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs

1. CluedUpp – A virtual crime-solving adventure on the streets of Colorado Springs

Cluedupp Game Image

CluedUpp is the perfect team building event for Colorado Springs’ fans of true crime, detective dramas and murder mysteries. We offer real-life immersive adventures where there are no actors, no gimmicks, no tricks of the trade. Your team will be faced with puzzles to decipher, challenges to unravel, crimes to solve. With themes to suit your team no matter what their preference, we need you to put the Sherlock in Holmes, and the Dr in Watson. 

We provide completely unique team building events across the globe, from London to New York City, Sydney to Seattle, and Columbia to Colorado Springs. All of our events are held outside, in the streets of your city or the open space of the country, with the use of nothing but a bespoke smartphone app that will unfold your adventures piece by piece, puzzle by puzzle. 

There are no limits to this event – no venues, no four walls, no one to answer to. It’s just you and your team, and a mystery to solve. 

The event is created using a GPS signal that is linked to our smartphone app. This is where you’ll discover a bespoke map of your chosen location that has been created especially for your team. Each map and each event will be different from the last, as we know each team is different too. Your experience will be totally personalized and tailored to your team’s individual tastes and requirements. 

To organise your team building adventure, all we need is a zip code to know where you are, a theme to know your thinking, and the size of your group to plan your event accordingly. We will organise everything, all you need to do is turn up - with your game face on, and your detective head ready. 

The event is totally flexible too, from the booking process right through to the day of your event. If your team needs to change location, timings, even the date – just let us know and we can change your booking accordingly. We know how tricky event planning is in normal circumstances, add COVID into the equation and it becomes a waking nightmare. There are no hidden fees, no penalties - if you need to alter, rearrange or even cancel, we understand, and we’ve got your back. 

Our website has got all the details on the wide range of themes on offer for our events, from Witchcraft and Wizardry to Jack the Ripper, have a browse and get in touch with us today.

2. Broadmoor Curling Club – Give it a curl!

Colorado Springs Curling image

The team at Broadmoor Curling Club can host events to suit a variety of needs. With no experience necessary, it’s a fun group activity to consider when planning your team building day or corporate event in Colorado Springs. 

All you need to prepare for your day of curling is suitable footwear (flat running shoes will do) and plenty of layers to keep you warm on the ice! The club has brushes and sliding devices available for rental so you don’t need to worry about bringing along any specialist kit. There will be instructors to work with your group, who will guarantee a full safety briefing is covered – leaving you to have fun and get curling!

There’s a maximum limit of two hours on the ice so your team will be provided with plenty of time to enjoy themselves. Playing team sports is a great way to encourage effective communication and bonding and it’s an experience that your group won’t forget in a hurry. 

Broadmoor Curling Club
World Arena Ice Hall
3205 Venetucci Boulevard 
Colorado Springs


3. Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga – Get your zen on – with added baby goats!

Goat Yoga Image

The team at Rocky Mountain Goat yoga will deliver corporate events with a difference, a group activity that is sure to give your Colorado Springs team building the wow factor. What could impress your colleagues more than a yoga class accompanied by a goat? How about a yoga class accompanied by a herd of goats?!

The classes can be held in any suitable location – a backyard, an indoor hall, an office. Wherever you have in mind, they can ensure the event is covered safely and sanitarily. The 45-minute lessons are led by certified and insured goat yoga instructors and accompanied by a unique musical playlist. The clever goats have been trained to interact with humans in a special way and will use your bodies as their private parkour course when your yoga class is underway. 

If your team are more interested in the goats than the yoga, there are other fun activities on offer. You’re welcome to visit the farm, enjoy an afternoon of cuddling and photos, book a goat walkabout or even attend an evening of ‘Goatflix and Chill’. The team are onto a winning recipe here, where can we sign up?

Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga
5555 W Evans Avenue

Telephone: +1 (720) 273-1317

4. Raft Echo – Wet and wild team building in Colorado Springs!

Raft Echo Image

At Echo Canyon River Expeditions, there are a wide variety of group rafting trips to choose from. They promise to offer so much more than just an adrenaline-filled adventure too, their trips will bring teams closer together, solidifying teamwork, sharpening communication skills whilst teaching essential lessons in water safety.

The team at Raft Echo can cater for groups regardless of their experience level or goals. If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly group rafting trip, the Royal Gorge will provide an adventurous introduction with rushing rapids where your team will work together to make it to the other side. If it’s competition you’re after, there’s the Battle of the Bighorn – an obstacle course created in the midst of the Arkansas River. This signature team building exercise includes multiple challenges to complete and is sure to unleash everyone’s competitive sides. 

Whichever route your team chooses to tackle, it’s sure to be a team building experience you won’t forget in a hurry. 

Raft Echo
45000 West U.S.Highway 50
Canon City

Telephone: 800-755-3246

5. Cheyenne Cañon Segways – Roll your way into a fun-filled group activity

Cheyenne Segways image

In the current world we’re navigating at the moment, planning your team building days in outside spaces is probably the way to go. You won’t need to worry about venues closing down, social distancing or mask-wearing. You’re in the great outdoors – it’s safer, sunnier and full of Segways too!

At Cheyenne Cañon Segways, the team offer sanitized and socially distanced tours. They ride in groups of six or less and ensure to stay away from any crowds. It really is the perfect event for small, safety-conscious groups. 

There’s a variety of tours to choose from too. Once you’ve completed a safety briefing with your instructor, you’re on your way for a Nature, Art or even a History tour. They all begin at the South Cheyenne picnic grounds, so you can easily incorporate a picnic before or after your team event. There’s also the option to organise customized activities if you’re after something a little different – from timed races to learn-to-ride events, get in touch to see what’s on offer. The company can even bring the Segways to you – flexibility is key after all!

Cheyenne Cañon Segways
2130 S Cheyenne Canon Road
Colorado Springs

Telephone: (888)369-8699
Email:                                                                                                                          Website:

6. Brush Crazy – Creative Colorado Springs corporate events

Brush Crazy image

Brush Crazy is a studio space in downtown Colorado Springs that offers a huge selection of fun activities to consider when organising your team building event. They have a super simple five-step process to make every activity on offer easy to understand and navigate. Picking your project, picking your paint, painting your project, letting it dry and taking it home – it’s as simple as 1,2,3,4,5!

Whether you’re looking to make unique clay creations, get creative with wooden signs or create a masterpiece on a canvas, the inviting environment at Brush Crazy is the place for you. It’s an environment that fosters creativity - allowing guests to paint what they want, when they want. 

There’s also an excellent schedule of art classes on offer, or you can get in touch with the studio to organize a private event. What are you waiting for – get those creative juices flowing and go Brush Crazy!

Brush Crazy
4416 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs

Telephone: (719) 368-2525

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