The Top 7 Team Building Activities in Chicago

1) CluedUpp - The perfect problem-solving team building for Chicago's inquisitive teams

A CluedUpp detective event on the streets of Chicago. The image shows a group looking at their smartphone whilst cracking the case in a CluedUpp crime-solving adventure.

For adventurous and inquisitive organizations in Chicago, a team building event with CluedUpp will go down a treat. We are an events company with a difference, offering fully immersive and interactive crime-solving experiences that take you and your team on a whistle-stop tour around Chicago. 

Each energetic event is based on a serious crime that’s been committed at the heart of the city. Your task is to find out who did it by collecting clues, solving puzzles and working as a team to piece together the mystery. For larger groups, you’ll be split up into teams in a race to solve the crime. Will your team discover the culprit in the fastest time?

So, how does it work? Using GPS on your phones, we can track your location on a custom-built map of your city, and guide your teams towards virtual clues, suspects and witnesses. Each team will use problem-solving, communication and teamwork to uncover evidence and establish the chain of events that led to the murder. Everyone in your group will be on the edge of their seats throughout!

A crime-solving CluedUpp experience is perfect for team building in Chicago because the whole experience takes place outside, allowing you to take in the stunning sights of the city as well as being safe in the age of social distancing. The event is also fully flexible around your team, timings and locations to ensure the whole experience is perfect for your group. 

Book your epic murder mystery corporate event now!

2) Release some pent-up anger at Bad Axe ThrowingBad Axe Throwing team building event in Melbourne. The image shows a woman throwing her axe at an off-screen target. There is a large audience watching her perform.

Work can be hard - not to mention stressful. Sometimes, the ideal team building event for Chicago’s busy groups should involve letting off steam and trying something a bit different. 

Bad Axe Throwing is an uber-popular spot to try your hand at axe throwing. Open to a wide range of ages and ability levels, this high adrenaline sport will make for a team building experience like no other. 

For corporate events, Chicago’s two Bad Axe Throwing venues (Lake View and West Loop) offer special packages that include dedicated axe throwing coaches who will teach you and your team how to throw an axe with perfect accuracy. Then, you’ll be given access to private axe throwing lanes to practice your new skills in. 

Once you’ve perfected your technique, your group will be separated into teams, who will compete in a thrilling tournament to discover who is the axe throwing champion. And don’t forget to organise some tasty snacks to give you that all important energy too!

The 2.5 to 3 hour team building activity will be an unforgettable experience that helps your team really let loose. 


3) Compete with your colleagues on a real life game show at The Game Show Game Show

Game Show Game Show in Melbourne. A team building event in which people recreate classic game shows.
Have you ever wanted to appear on a TV game show? Well, now’s your chance - and you can bring your whole team along for the ride too!

One of the most unique and fun team building activities Chicago has to offer involves a trip to The Game Show Game Show. The clue’s in the name with this high energy event company. They offer the chance for your team of up to 10 people to participate in an outrageously fun, sparkling on-stage game show that will get everyone out of their seats. 

Taking inspiration from popular shows like The Wheel of Fortune and Spin-It-To-Win-It, The Game Show Game Show will challenge your coworkers’ critical thinking, creativity, general knowledge, physical ability and, of course, luck. 

Your game show can be custom built around your organization, including trivia questions related to your industry or personal questions about your team members. After the event, many corporate groups gather for dinner or drinks to reflect on the thrilling experience. 

This fast-paced, high adrenaline game show experience will bring your team together and make memories that will last a lifetime. It’s the ideal corporate event in Chicago for teams looking for something that’s a little bit different. 


4) Kayak across the city with Wateriders

Wateriders kayaking activities in Chicago, with several people kayaking down the river in between skyscrapers.

Chicago is blessed with a beautiful river and cityscape which you might not know is possible to explore from the water!

Since 1997, Wateriders has organized affordable kayak tours through the city, launching just a few minutes from the heart of downtown. They have a few different narrated tours to choose from, including a History and Architecture Tour and a Ghosts and Gangsters Tour. On all the tours on offer, the views of the city are unrivalled. 

These tours can be booked for private events and built around your schedule. They are perfect for people with or without kayaking experience, as Wateriders' seasoned instructors will tell you everything you need to know before you hit the water. Bring your team together to try a new sporting activity, learn more about the secrets of Chicago, and experience an unforgettable view of the city. 

For team building, Chicago’s kayaking tours offer an active and exciting experience that will bring your group together as they glide down the river and take in the stunning sights. 

Phone: 312 953 9287

5) Try your hand at darts at Flight Club

Flight Club darts bar in Chicago. The image shows several dartboards in a trendy bar setting.

For a fun and competitive corporate event, Chicago’s unique darts venue will be a hit with your team. 

Darts is the UK’s most popular pub sport, and Flight Club has created a cool and modern place to try your hand at it. Flight Club Chicago is the first outpost in the US of the UK’s popular darts bar. For groups of up to 12 people, you can book a private board, throw your darts and let the magic of Flight Club count up your score. You can even watch instant replays of your team’s very best throws. 

For groups of between 13 and 200 people, you can organize a games master to guide you through the event, enjoy botanical cocktails and share tasty snacks to keep you going. You don’t have to be an experienced darts player to have a blast at this popular sporting venue. 

An evening of eating, drinking and friendly competition at Flight Club is a great idea for team building in Chicago. 


6) Cook up a storm at The Chopping Block

A group of people enjoying a cooking class at Chicago's Chopping Block - a local cooking school that caters for group events.

Learning new skills together with your colleagues is always an interesting and effective form of team building. As Chicago is well known for its awesome food scene, a lesson in cookery is the perfect way to do just that. 

The Chopping Block is Chicago’s premier cooking school, offering intimate, interactive classes in their state-of-the-art kitchens. For corporate, team building events, they offer inspiring, hands-on lessons that teach new skills and encourage great communication between the members of your team. 

Each class is led by a professional chef who will teach between 6 and 150 eager cooks of all ages and abilities how to make a delicious multi-course menu. 

The 2-hour event will include 1.5 hours of cooking, and a half hour for you to enjoy the meal you’ve made. There’s also a full service bar serving up food-friendly wine and delicious local and imported beers. 

For a unique and memorable corporate event in Chicago, a hands-on culinary experience at The Chopping Block might be just what you’re looking for.


7) Brush up on your painting skills at Pearl Paint, Sip and Hip

Pearl, Paint, Sip and Hip is a creative painting studio that hosts group events. The image shows the entrance lobby for the organisation which has several artworks on the wall.

For creative teams, an evening of painting, sipping and grooving to funky music is an exciting option for team building in Chicago. Pearl Paint, Sip and Hip isn’t your ordinary paint-along venue. They put a huge amount of effort into selecting interesting and challenging paintings, and enjoyable music that will get your hips swaying at the easel. 

At Pearl’s, they ensure every group event is not only an entertaining art experience, but also an exciting and memorable bonding event. They offer a variety of different options for corporate events that work around the requirements, experience level and (most importantly!) music preferences of your team. 

Bring your group together through art for an exciting and creative team building event that will go down in your organization’s history!


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