The Best Team Building Activities in Brisbane

Brisbane-based businesses will be pleased to know there’s plenty of team building events and activities - whatever their budget. Below, we’ve even pulled together the top suggestions which guarantee a laugh - whether you’re looking to celebrate recent achievements, want to cool off after a stressful few months or are looking for a way to welcome some new faces. You’ll even find the contact details and URL so all that’s left for you to do is get the word out about your next company event day!

1. CluedUpp Games - Covid-friendly team building activities in Brisbane 

Brisbane CluedUpp games image

Despite our best wishes, it doesn’t look like masks, social distancing and endless hand sanitising is going anywhere fast. Plus, we’re all getting fed up with making plans with colleagues, only for them to be cancelled at the very last minute - thanks to ever-changing government guidance. 

But with CluedUpp, you don’t need to worry about a thing. Put simply, it’s an outdoors murder mystery tour around Brisbane that requires you to work in teams to discover who the culprit is and what weapon was used. Using mobile GPS, you’ll be sent on an adventure around the streets to find clues, solve puzzles and really get your brain working. 

What’s more, the event comes in a theme of your choice. Think Witchcraft and Wizardry, The Latest Krays, Sneaky Finders, The Ripper and CSI, so you can make this a really personal experience. 

That’s not even the best part as, if you do have to rearrange your corporate away day, CluedUpp makes it really easy for you to do so and they won’t even charge you to do it. You also don’t need any other equipment, except for a smartphone, meaning it’s a great last-minute corporate team building idea for Brisbane-based companies.


2. Build-A-Bike - Unusual team building events for Brisbane employees 

Build a Bike image

You’ve probably heard of raft building activities, but we bet you haven’t come across bike building. In this session, you’ll be split into groups as you compete against each other in a series of design and engineering tasks.

The final stretch of the activity will challenge you to put together your very own team bike, which will even be donated to a local charity or family. Don’t worry though, you won’t be asked to build the bike from complete scratch. There’s a kit for that.

It’s hands-on and challenging yet hugely rewarding when you see individual strengths and group camaraderie shine through until the end.
+61 3 9086 8697

3. Arcadium’s Escape Room - Interactive team building ideas in Brisbane 

Escape Room Brisbane image

It might be new on the scene - it only opened in 2020 - but this themed escape room has firmly positioned itself as one of the most-loved team building activities in Brisbane. It’s not like any other escape room though. This one uses augmented reality to bring a unique experience. 

In teams, you’ll have to work together to find clues and solve puzzles in order to unravel the mysteries that cloud this magic world. Even better, once you’re done, you can head to the themed bar for a drink. After all, you’ve got to keep hydrated… 

07 3148 341

4. Coffee Classes - Events to help boost essential skills

Merlo Coffee Classes Image

Coffee is the answer to everything at work. Stressful morning? Coffee. Computer doing an update? Coffee. Commute taken double the time? You guessed it, coffee. But just imagine if you could create your very own blend of coffee and learn how to pour the perfect cuppa.

Merlo Coffee’s corporate classes do exactly that. It’s not just for the caffeine lovers out there either. This is a great way for groups to get together, and enjoy themselves, without having to take part in a physical or strenuous activity. 

The only bad thing about it is that you’ll definitely be asked to make the next round when you’re back in the office… 

(07) 3620 4249

5. Cocktail Making Classes - Corporate team building ideas in Brisbane bars

Cocktail Class Image

Okay, so maybe not everyone in the office drinks coffee. Or, you could be searching for team building events in Brisbane where your employees can really let their hair down. A cocktail making class at Canvas Brisbane is just the thing. 

Led by an expert mixologist, you’ll discover the history of some of your favourite drinks as well as how to make them. That’s not all as you’ll also be given the chance to create your very own concoctions - and a winning team will even be chosen. 

It’s a relaxed, fun-fuelled event that allows colleagues to really come out of their shell. For those that don’t drink, mocktails are on the menu too. 

(04) 01 636 029 

6. Kayaking and Canoeing - Fun-fuelled events for large groups

Kayaking Team building image

If you’re looking for team building ideas in Brisbane that can cater for lots of people, a day out on the water with River Life is a fantastic choice. Choose from kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding or even kayak basketball and put your teamwork to the test. 

While some people naturally excel in these environments, others may hold back. But by working together, supporting each other and helping those who might not have done it before, communication, positive relations and quick-thinking will be fostered. 

(07) 3891 5766 

7. Making Movies - Get into character and strike a pose 

Make Movies image

Team building activities in Brisbane aren’t just about building items and physical activities. Sabre HQ offers corporate teams two experiences - Movie Magic and The Agency - which are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.

Make your own films, create the next best-loved TV ad, or star in your very own mockumentary. Don’t worry, the footage will never leave these four walls - no matter how good you think it might be. 

You’ll be let loose with cameras, props, sound equipment, costumes and even make-up and be given everything you need for scripting and story-boarding. Not only is it a great way to boost communication and outside-of-the-box thinking, but we guarantee there’s a drama queen in every group. 
07 5530 5522

8. Let’s Get Cooking - See who can handle the heat with this tasty treat for teams

Let's get Cooking image

In this activity, you’ll have to cook up a storm in small groups in an attempt to wow the judges. The only catch is that you’ll be given a mystery box of ingredients and won’t know what’s inside until you open it. 

With the clock ticking, and the beady eyes of the judges on you at all times, you’ll need to quickly plan an impressive meal, collaborating with each other and delegating tasks around the kitchen. 

You’re also given a small amount of money to head to the shops to buy any additional ingredients - but this is a challenge remember, so hurry!

Not only is this corporate activity in Brisbane a great fun event for all ages and cooking abilities but, at the end, you get to sit down and enjoy the food and each other’s company.
0430 771 155

9. The Big Picture - Get creative in this ultimate teamwork challenge

The Big Picture image

Suitable for up to 150 employees, this art-based activity requires communication, creativity and careful planning. Divided up into smaller teams, each group will be given a theme for their project as well as a strange shape or object that must be included. 

Then, it’s time to get the paintbrushes out. You’ll have just two hours to paint a canvas that you think depicts the theme and strange object well. 

At the end of the session, the canvases from every group are put together to reveal a special message. What’s more, you can even take them back to the office and hang them up as a reminder of your day. 
1300 998 782

10. Adventure Climb - See your team in a new light, and from new heights

Adventure Climb image

This team building exercise will definitely help to build character and confidence amongst the group. Thrill-seekers will love it, and those who are nervous about heights will learn a lot about themselves and their colleagues.

Led by an expert, you’ll be taken along a sky-high path that sees you climb a staggering bridge. It's one of only three bridge climbs of its kind in the whole world and, as you can imagine, the views are incredible. 

Work together to ensure that everyone crosses the finish line, and use communication, motivation and camaraderie to keep spirits lifted.
+61 (7) 3188 9070

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