The Best Team Building Activities in Boston

If you’re having a bit of a nightmare trying to plan the perfect Boston team building activity, we have the answer to your prayers! 

It’s no secret that organising team building events that suit everyone in your group is not easy. Trying to please everyone can sometimes feel like fighting a losing battle. Sharon loves painting, but Darren would rather do something sporty. Winnie wants to get away from the office for the day, but Timmy wants to stay local. Samantha’s on a budget, Samuel’s been bragging about his bonus…

And there you are, the one left with the seemingly impossible task of finding team building activities to suit every personality in Boston! Well, leave it with us - we reckon we’ve got just the thing you’re looking for. 

1. CluedUpp – The solution to all your team building problems!

Boston CluedUpp games

If you’re looking for a team building activity that’s guaranteed to appeal to the masses, CluedUpp has got your back. We offer totally original immersive detective experiences all over the world – in more than 55 countries and over 1000 different cities. And it’s just your luck that Boston is one of those places.

With over one million players worldwide and hundreds of five-star reviews, we’re pretty confident that our award-winning formula of team building adventures will fit the bill for your Boston corporate event. We will turn your city into a setting of mystery and intrigue, tantalising your team with dilemmas to decipher, puzzles to ponder and crimes to crack. 

Our aim at CluedUpp is to provide unique events to be enjoyed everywhere, and by everyone. Things are far less than straightforward in the world right now, and we all need reasons to get together with the people around us - to bond in shared experiences, forget about our worries and have some fun. 

We will organise a totally bespoke day out for your team, guaranteed to throw them head-first into the world of delinquency and detection. With the use of our immersive smartphone app, Boston will be transformed into a crime scene. It will be the task of your team, and your team only, to follow the clues, interrogate every witness and solve the mystery at hand. 

Our events are entirely flexible and can fit in with any requirement your team may have. Need to cancel last minute? No charge. Want to change the location? No problem at all. It’s the perfect antidote to any COVID induced headache (excuse the pun!) If you need any more info, head to our team building page to read up.

2. Gingerbread Wars – A sweet treat for your Boston team building ideas 

Gingerbread Wars Image

If you’re looking for a corporate event idea that could be held online, then this virtual team building activity could be the one for you. Cyber gatherings have become the new normal throughout the last couple of years and if your team aren’t able to meet in person, let Gingerbread Wars bring the event to you.

Wilton holiday kits will arrive in the post and your team will be set with everything they need for their online party to begin. The whole event is based on a gingerbread decorating competition – fast paced fun that is sure to be a highlight for your team, and not just in the holiday season. 

The event will incorporate 90 minutes of various gingerbread making challenges, such as Gingerbread self-portraits which will encourage everyone to be inventive and interactive! And what’s more, how do you think the party ends? You get to eat the whole lot!

Gingerbread Wars
Telephone: +1-347-919-7792

3. Boda Borg Boston – A real life quest for your team building ideas

Boda Borg image

Boda Borg will offer your team the opportunity to experience true reality gaming – no screens, no headsets, no remote controls. It’s a video game without the video, a movie without actors. Your team will participate both mentally and physically in their own multi-dimensional quest. 

It’s a totally immersive experience where full disclosure is required. Bumps and bruises are all part of the experience as everyone will be required to crawl, climb, jump, bounce and swing their way through the task at hand.  

It’s an adventure that is guaranteed to make your team feel a million miles away from the daily grind of the office environment. The question is, which quest will your team embark on first?

Boda Borg Boston
90 Pleasant Street
MA 02148

Telephone: 781-321-1081

4. The Great Guac Off – Holy Guacamole, this is one original Boston team building idea!

Guac-off image

Are you looking for a completely bizarre and totally random corporate team building idea in Boston? The Great Guac Off centres it’s events around guacamole making competitions…it’s definitely unusual but promises to be challenging and collaborative too.

Your team will be split into smaller groups, each provided with the opportunity to develop their own original ethos – a catchphrase, a cheer and of course a special, stand out guac recipe! 

As the rest of the event unfolds, you’ll see this Boston team building idea is about much more than just avocados. With a whole host of mini challenges, it’s an activity that encourages collaboration and communication, with plenty of fun dolloped into the mix. 

The Great Guac Off
1 City Hall Square

Telephone: 347-919-7792

5. Alice’s Table – Special and stylish live streaming experiences

Alice's Table image

Another option for a virtual team building activity is Alice’s Table – a brand that promises quality entertainment and award-winning events, all from the comfort of your home. The events begin with deliveries of premium materials straight to your doorstep, and whichever activity you’ve chosen, you’ll be all set and ready to go.

All the events are stand out experiences, from Valentine’s Chocolate Truffle workshops to Holiday floral arranging, they’re all truly classy and creative. The company offers an event concierge service and promises to take care of all your corporate team building events – every step of the way. 

Alice’s Table

6. Archery Games Boston – Can your team hit the target?

Archery Games image

Archery Games is one dynamic team building activity in Boston that is sure to get heart rates rising and adrenaline flowing! It’s a unique combination of dodgeball and archery, suitable for all ages and abilities with extensive training and equipment provided on the day. 

For team building events, the company suggests a 75-minute private game which is suitable for up to 20 players. Once your team have worked up a sweat, they can leave the arena, enjoy a pre-booked private table and choose from the extensive food and drinks menu available. There are additional activity options available at the venue too if you’d like to extend your day – from nerf wars to escape rooms, there’s plenty to keep your team busy. 

Archery Games Boston
121 Webster Avenue #3
MA 01250

Telephone: 617-466-0142

7. Museum Hack – Transforming museums from boring to brilliant

Museum Hack Image

Museum Hack leads small group tours specifically for those who think they don’t like museums. Their aim is to dispel the myth that museums are just for the intellects – with engaging stories, enticing activities and fab photo opportunities, they want to show your team how awesome museums really are.

With opportunities to customize each visit, the Museum Hack team are able to match individual corporate industries and values. No two experiences will be the same – they lead over 450 activities a year, and each will be matched to entirely specific requirements.

With a promise to love your tour or receive a refund, the company are pretty confident that you’ll be happy with the experience. 

Museum Hack
465 Huntington Avenue

Telephone: (800) 210-9676

8. Brooklyn Boulders – Climb to the top at Boston’s tallest corporate team building event!

Brooklyn Boulders Image

Brooklyn Boulders is not your average climbing wall. It incorporates a huge community of climbers that endeavour to encourage personal connections and physical potential, with the use of bouldering and a whole host of other climbing activities. 

There are classes available which are specifically designed to improve knowledge and skill set, and an Into to Climbing class could be the perfect introduction for a team that are beginners to the sport. 

If your team wants to level up, there’s various other class options available including top roping, belaying and lead climbing. If you’re looking for something a little less structured, there’s also the option to visit the centre for a free-fitness type experience. Depending on your team’s skill set and ability level, take a look to see what’s fitting for your group. 

Brooklyn Boulders
12A Tyler Street
MA 02143

Telephone: 617-623-6700

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