The Best Team Building Activities in Adelaide

On the hunt for team building activities in Adelaide that will please a variety of people? Fear not, it really isn’t as hard as you might think to keep large groups amused. You just need to know about some of the most popular experiences in the local area. We’ve even helped you out by pulling our top picks together in one handy list, which includes the contact details and URL if you do want to go ahead and book it. You can thank us later. 

1. CluedUpp Games - Unusual group activities in Adelaide 

CluedUpp Games Adelaide Image

Say the words team building to some people, and they’ll instantly picture a bland function room in an even blander hotel with hours spent making a house out of spaghetti or attempting to untie yourself from a giant knot, blindfolded. Activities like this do nothing for group morale and motivation. Instead, you need a fun, safe and all-inclusive experience that everyone can enjoy.

Enter CluedUpp. In short, it’s an interactive murder-mystery themed event that can take place in any outdoor location of your choice. The mystery unfolds through our award-winning smartphone app. Working in teams, you’ll be challenged to a series of brain-teasers and mind puzzles. That’s not all though, as GPS sends you around Adelaide to visit real world locations in order to reveal clues as to who the culprit is and what weapon was used.

Over one million people have taken part so far and, with Covid restrictions still in force around the world, the fact this game can be played safely outside will be welcome news to many. Not just that, but if you do decide to hold off on your team building for Adelaide employees, it’s really easy to rearrange CluedUpp - and free to do so. 

There’s also no equipment required, except for your smartphone, which makes it a great last-minute option if other events and activities have been postponed, and you just can’t wait any longer to catch up with colleagues. 

2. Escape Hunt - Corporate events for Adelaide businesses 

Escape Hunt Adelaide Image

Has your team got what it takes to escape in time? Escape Hunt requires you to work together, relying on communication, strategy and each other to answer questions, solve riddles and get out of a themed room - all while the clock is ticking. 

This event can even be enjoyed virtually, and there’s an option to add on an ice-breaker activity to allow everyone to warm up. If you do choose to take part in this activity at Escape Hunt’s quarters, then you’ll get your pick from the range of refreshments post-game. 

08 8223 7770 

3. MANIAX - Let off some steam with this unusual activity

Maniax Image

Those employers looking for team building activities in Adelaide that will get the group talking for all the right reasons, need look no further. MANIAX is an axe-throwing warehouse that comes with a fully licensed bar. Yep, you read that right. Axe throwing. That’s one way to let go of your corporate stresses. 

Over the course of two hours, your team will master how to throw an axe before putting their new-found skills to the test in a mini competition. Once done, you’ll be shown to the bar and food area, where you can enjoy well-deserved beer and delicious pizza.

The venue itself holds up to 100 people, making it a great option for large businesses. However, each lane holds up to 6 people so if you do have a smaller team, it still guarantees fun. 

+61 1300 986 480 

4. Project Break - Unlike any other group activities in Adelaide

Project Break Image

Work can get to the best of us and, despite our best intentions, we still need something to let out all of that stress and anxiety. That’s exactly where Project Break comes in. Split into teams, you’ll be led into a specially created room that’s designed to be smashed up. 

You even have a choice of weapon. Choose from a baseball bat, hedge slammer, and more and get ready to smash away at 30 items for a full 15 minutes.

It’s a guaranteed laugh and a great way to end a stressful week at work. Even better, when your colleagues see just how crazy you can get, they’re never going to want to get on the wrong side of you again. It’s a win-win!

0452 390 284

5. TreeClimb - Outdoors team building for Adelaide colleagues 

Tree Climb image

Support, guide and motivate your team to complete Australia’s first ever adventure park that’s built into the skies. Challenge yourself through more than 70 obstacles and take your pick from eight different pathways, with heights of up to 135 cm.

Build confidence, skill and communication as you move your way around the course. The winning team is the one who completes it together. 

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or not, the feeling of getting to the finish line is like no other. In fact, we’d go as far to say that it’s even better than pay day. 

08 7089 4490 

6. Boot Camp Experience - Powerful events for a powerful team 

Book Camp image

Corporate events in Adelaide don’t have to be about sitting in a stuffy conference centre, waiting for the next tea break. In fact, a team building boot camp experience will really get your attention. Actually, we mean ATTTTTTTTENTION.

Pull together as a team as you’re taken through the ropes in a real-life boot camp session. To finish in one piece, you’ll need all the morale and camaraderie that you can get. It’s physical, mental and emotional - but if you work together and support each other, the results are undeniable.

As well as being a great activity for groups that know each other well, this is a popular choice if you’ve onboarded lots of new faces over the past few months. 

1300 764 818 

7. The Shark Tank Challenge - A follow up to your conference

Shark Tank team building image

Not only is this team building task a great way to unwind after a long day at a conference, but it determines who was listening and who wasn’t. It simply requires teams to come up with an idea for a product or business using the information that they’ve heard or been given throughout the day.

Then, they have to pitch these new ideas to the other groups. You could even turn it up a notch and incorporate some votes to determine an overall winner. 

It might sound simple, but it’s an easy and effective way to boost communication, develop innovative thinking and stimulate collaboration within teams. Of course, this could be carried out at any venue, but The Function in Adelaide offers to lead the event for you.

(08) 8350 5030

8. Boat Building - Have a splash and put your teamwork to the test

Boat Building image

Okay, so you might be thinking that this is just another raft building exercise. But, you’re wrong. Sabre HQ have taken team building in Adelaide to a whole new level with their Kon Tiki Challenge. 

Split into groups, you’ll receive everything you need to craft your very own boat. But we’re not talking about barrels and blue rope. Instead, you’ll get specialist equipment, blueprints and tools to create your very own ‘sturdy’ boat. At least that’s the aim, right?

It’s hands-on and hard work yet hugely rewarding, and you can even customise the activity in a theme of your choosing. Think military, pirate or historical… 

Under the baking Australian sun, it might be tempting to undo a few screws so that you’re rewarded with a dip, but the aim here is to get to the other side dry. 

1300 731 381 

9. Ghost Tours - Scarily good activities for any-sized business

Ghost Tours image

Whatever size your business or team of colleagues, a tour of one of Adelaide’s most historic and haunted buildings is a great way to get everyone closer. Not least because they’ll all be too terrified to leave each other. 

It’s not just about scaring each other, either. In moments like this, you can learn crucial things about people - weaknesses, strengths, pain points. Led by Haunted Horizons, you can choose from various locations all around the city, including the popular Olde Adelaide Gaol.

You’ll get to see the city of Adelaide like no other and have something to talk about when you next bump into each other at the water cooler. 

(04) 07 715 866

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