The Smurfs Great Escape

Smurfs in action


A brand new outdoor adventure to play with family & friends!

Want to take part in a brand Smurfing new outdoor adventure?

Get ready to paint the town blue with The Smurfs Great Escape, a team event that combines a digital scavenger hunt with puzzles and quests to create an exciting interactive experience.

The evil wizard Gargamel has attempted to capture our small blue friends, but his new machine, The Worminator, has sent the Smurfs crashing to earth! Can you help them get home?

With Brainy Smurf as your guide, you will explore your city streets, find clues, and complete challenges to get Papa Smurf and the crew back to Smurf Village.

Along the way, you can grab a selfie with your favourite Smurfs characters using the latest augmented reality filters.

Taking place in hundreds of cities worldwide, The Smurfs Great Escape is perfect for friends and families. Each team ticket covers up to 6 people, plus under 16's can play for FREE!

Will your team have what it takes to save the Smurfs from the evil wizard?

Search for your nearest event below.