Race to the Place: The Ultimate Adventure

22nd June 2024

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per person

Gear up for the most exhilarating challenge you've ever encountered! Race to the Place London pits teams against each other in a high-stakes adventure across the iconic sights of our capital city.

From a secret starting point, you'll race to each hidden location, solving clues and challenges before the next checkpoint is revealed. With limited resources, you'll need to outpace, outsmart, and outrun rival teams to claim victory.

This epic journey is set to unfold on Saturday, June 22nd, 2024 and there's only limited team places available, promising an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and prove your team's dominance in the ultimate race? Book your ticket today!


Starting from a secret location in the heart of your town or city, your team will embark on an epic quest, traversing through the vibrant streets of your selected location.

Using our award-winning smartphone app you'll navigate through several checkpoints to complete the race, and at each one you'll have to solve clues and challenges before the next checkpoint is revealed.

You can choose work in pairs, or team up with some like-minded adventurers to take on the competition in a larger group.

Team sizes must be between 2-6 people and tickets are sold on an individual basis.

Joining this epic adventure won't be easy - only limited individual spots are up for grabs!

From strategic route planning to resource management, every decision counts as you navigate your way across your town or city. The team that completes the race in the fastest time wins.

You're only allowed to use public transport or travel by foot. No cars, no taxis, and no private jets!

Keep your eyes sharp, your minds sharper, and your spirits high as you challenge competitors and race towards glory.

To experience the thrill of Race to the Place, you will be asked to download our award-winning event app which you will use to guide you on your journey. Seamlessly navigate numerous checkpoints and receive challenges, clues & vital information, all delivered right to your smartphone. This is a self-guided, app-led adventure and you'll need to work as a team to unlock each checkpoint.

Each member of your team must secure their place with an individual ticket priced per person. One person can buy all the team's tickets, or you can buy them individually.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Join the ranks of fearless adventurers, adrenaline junkies, and thrill-seekers as you prepare to leave your rivals in the dust. Race to the Place awaits - are you ready for the challenge?