Hello, detectives!

We have some very important news to share on the halfway point of the year (or as some like to put it; halfway to Christmas)

It has been reported that The Ripper is still on the move… 

And we need your help to solve the case in a location near you! 

Already, over 274 events have been held worldwide and many of you have shared your thoughts on The Ripper events so far. But now, we’ve added over 344 new locations in 48 countries worldwide - so there is even more chance of you finding an event near you! 

We’ll be running The Ripper events right up till the end of the year (when Christmas actually comes around) but before then, we’ll be announcing a BRAND NEW mystery… more on that coming very soon! 

So what are you waiting for!? Find your nearest game now to solve the mystery of The Ripper! 

P.s. if you fancy your chance of winning a FREE CluedUpp game, head over to our Facebook page to enter our giveaway!


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