Hey, CluedUppers! 

The Ripper has been on the loose across several cities worldwide, but luckily, there have been some fantastic detective teams who have managed to scramble across town, solved the clues, cracked the case and ultimately brought down The Ripper in their location!

So far, there’s been thrilling, funny and spectacular fancy dress costumes, baby detectives, cosplay, matching masks to go with outfits and even a homing pigeon has attended an event… 

There has been a lot of creativity, excitement and fun we’ve seen so far, but if you’re still on the fence over whether you should take part in an experience near you, don’t just take it from us…

Here are some recent reviews from real people who have played The Ripper game so far... 

A group of 4 detectives wearing black suits, black hats and moustaches at a CluedUpp game

“Awesome experience! Thank you so much for an amazing experience - very well planned!” - Amira 

“A really great day out. The communication leading up to the event was really good and it was fun to see lots of other teams participating and there was some funny banter! We would definitely do this again!” - Alli 

“A great day out and such a great idea! We got the hang of it as the day went on. A fun day whilst getting some exercise - highly recommended!” - Cassie

A team of female detectives at at CluedUpp game

“We dressed up for extra fun! It’s heaps of fun for the whole family, but especially adults. The event was well communicated, clear and hassle free. We dressed up and won the prize for the best dressed! We will definitely do it again!” - Melanie 

“A great team building exercise for work and it gets you out and about and you actually get to see more of your city using the GPS system on your smartphone!” - Leanne 

This is our second year playing. We always have a blast. The game is challenging, but not overtly so. Additionally, the support team is very quick to respond, which makes a big difference when you have questions. I would highly recommend it!” - Mandy 

A team wearing green fancy dress at a CluedUpp event

“Managed to drag 2 of my three boys out for this Father & Son adventure and we had a blast. I managed only 2 of the riddles my eldest son nailed them all! Legendary! It was awesome - and picked up the prize for the best dressed for the day! Thank you CluedUpp for a great day out!” - Phil 

“We had a blast! Cannot recommend this enough, we played the game over the weekend and had an absolute blast. It was a great way to get out of the house for a few hours. We received everything on time as promised and the customer service guys were brilliant at answering all the questions we had.” - Chris 

“Fantastic game with both virtual and physical aspects, whilst also including COVID safety guidelines. Puzzles, clues, and challenges require your thinking cap, but won't make your head explode from excessive difficulty. 100% recommended as a thrilling and fun way to spend your day.” - Brennon 

“We had the best morning!! Highly recommend for anyone that loves escape rooms, board games or murder mysteries!! Great way to get outdoors and spend quality time with friends and family!! 100% would play again.” - Kerri 

Detectives and dog in Miami

What are you thinking now? Are you feeling the FOMO? 

You’ve heard what real life players have to say… now you can start your adventure!

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