Did you miss out on solving mysteries this month?

Adjust your magnifying glasses - because it's time to dive into the March RoundUpp where we take a look back at what this past month has brought us. 

So much mayhem and madness occurred as teams from across the world gathered to see if they had what it took to complete Crimescene Investigator. 

Let's take a look at some of this month's highlights: 


A CluedUpp Team - March RoundUpp

Let's crunch some numbers...

15,223 teams participated .

118 events took place worldwide in locations like Athens, Singapore, Mexico City, St Louis, Johannesburg, London and many more.

826 prizes were awarded. 

A Team Dressed up as the Spice Girls - March RoundUpp

Some of the best team names of the month

No Time For Crime

The Crime Meme Investigators 

Private Eye Candy 

Give It Arrest 

An Embarrassment of Pandas 

Nacho Average Detectives 

Pair O'Normal Investigators 

A team in matching pink suits - March CluedUpp RoundUpp

And the reviews are in... 

"This was the most absolute fun we had out as a group. Walking through the neighborhood looking to solve the crime and meeting others in the process made this event very memorable. Seeing all the different teams dressed up playing the part...was a hoot! Thanks for bringing something new and different to our city. I would totally recommend this to others." 

A team of investigators - March CluedUpp RoundUpp

"CSI: Memphis was soooo much fun! I loved the details of the game, the mystery, and the overall game itself! It was a great excuse to get together with family and friends and actually have something fun to do together!!! Will definitely be doing this again!"

"It was our first time, but it definitely wont be our last. My daughter wants to be a crime scene investigator after college so this was a fun way of exploring the career. She wore a policeman's uniform and kept notes for our team. We got a little wet from the rain, made a few wrong guesses but met a lot of nice people (other groups) and laughed more than usual. We already signed up for our next CluedUpp experience."

A team taking part in CluedUpp - March RoundUpp

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