Big things are happening here at CluedUpp HQ...

Our team’s growing and we’re in a brand new office!

This means we’ll be bringing you events more regularly and even more fantastic experiences to choose from.

Our development team is expanding, and they’re working hard building our exciting new mysteries. We listened to your feedback, so along with our fan favourite murder mysteries we’ll be creating experiences specifically for younger audiences - something for the whole family!

Because over 1 Million CluedUppers have taken part in events around the world, you guys haven’t gone unnoticed! Here at HQ, we’ve been contacted by the bigwigs in TV and Film who want to work together to bring you immersive experiences with some of your favourite characters. 

With more and more people wanting to take part in a CluedUpp event, we’ve added some new detectives to our Operations, Marketing and Customer Services teams so we’re always on hand to answer your questions and solve your problems.

Have a little sneak peek below at our lovely team and brand new space!

As a team, we're all about creating memories, and with this new bigger space, we can continue to bring more exciting adventures to our customers!

Be part of our extraordinary adventure today…



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