Ever wanted to create your own Wonderland? Now you can!

People young and old have been in awe of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for over 160 years now, and are still flabbergasted by the frabjously fantastical world of rabbit holes and Mad Hatters. So we’ve put together a list of eye-catchingly wonderful homeware items so you can decorate yourself mad! 

Which items would you want in your home? If you’ve already created your own Wonderland, tag us in your pictures on social media.



The perfect addition to any home wanting more of a subtle show of Wonderland. Available in a light blush, soft blue, and lilac grey, the style will suit a range of different decor styles and is neutral enough for both a nursery and an adult’s bedroom.


If the wallpaper isn’t your thing, or you need even more decoration adorning your walls, PeppermanCo have a collection of prints based on the book illustrations. There's one for the Queen of Hearts, the Dodo, Tweedledum and Tweedledee and the White Rabbit! 


Time is a huge theme in Alice in Wonderland, so why not show your love for the tale with a White Rabbit clock? It’ll make sure you’re never late for a very important date, that’s for sure.


Or light up your life with this hand-made original mushroom lamp... It will fit even if there’s not mush-room, as it’s only 6.3 x 4.7 inches.  


If you’re keen on having green in your home, why not swap out one of your usual plant pots for the White Rabbit in a top hat! Don’t worry, if you have no plants you can also use it to hold your kitchen utensils such as spatulas and wooden spoons. 

Side PlatesTeacup, and Cake Stand

Speaking of kitchenware, you can add a little curiosity to tea time with these gorgeously illustrated matching side plates, teacups, and cake stand. Or if they’re too wonderful to use, you can decorate your shelves or cabinets with them and still fill your guests with envy!

 Now you know how to decorate your home, why not step into Wonderland with us!



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