Whether you like to win or just hate to lose, let's face it, we're all a little bit competitive aren't we? I mean, you should have seen us playing Monopoly on New Year's Day!

Anyway, keep scrolling for 5 top tips on how to become a CluedUpp champion and smoke the competition...

  1. Sabotage the competition. Cheaters never prosper, but laying some red herrings for other teams is fair game. When other detectives are within earshot, why not dish out some misinformation and send them down the wrong path? <insert evil laugh>

  2. Be prepared. We’re in a race to catch a killer, there’s no time for toilet breaks here. Every team member should come equipped with notepads, pens and deerstalker hats. Winners don’t care how stupid they look.

  3. Bring a charger. Having a battery meltdown in the middle of an interrogation is not useful! Bring a portable phone charger and eliminate drain whilst you eliminate suspects.

  4. Identify the weak link. Let’s be honest, there’s always a weak link on every team (we’re looking at you Uncle Marv!). If they accidentally get given the wrong starting location it wouldn't be the worst thing! Winners don't need friends anyway right?

  5. Run everywhere! Just run, no matter where you’re going, you’ll get there quicker if you're sprinting! Forget having a lovely family adventure and break out those new running shoes!

Seriously though, it's not all about being the fastest team. Our adventures are a great way to spend time with the people you love without worrying about somebody missing out on all the fun.

Take breaks whenever you like, pause your game at any time and simply enjoy being together. It's the taking part that matters most.


P.S. If all else fails you can always copy this team of winners and dress up as inflatable pigs for our "Best Dressed Team" prize...



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