Interested in all things app development, gameplay mechanics, coding and wireframes?

Now is your chance to dive in deep and find out exactly what a typical day in the life of an app development team looks like.

Meet Rich, Ollie and Stephen - they make up the CluedUpp Product Team (with a new addition to the team coming very soon).

They’re the ones responsible for the CluedUpp app that you see on your screens when you’re out on the streets taking part in your nearest event - or in Ollie’s words: “We make magic happen”.

If a career in this field has always intrigued you, or perhaps you’re just interested in what goes on behind the scenes, let’s inspect further in this latest blog post…


Product team at CluedUpp

Who’s who?

Rich is the boss man, aka Head of Product. He’s a lifelong gamer and nerd who heads up our product team here at CluedUpp and has yet to find an activity that can't be turned into a game of some sort.

Stephen is Senior Unity Developer who’s responsible for the development and maintenance of CluedUpp's client-side mobile applications.

And then we have Ollie, the Product Designer who’s responsible for designing the look, feel and gameplay of our games. He helps come up with new ideas, and gameplay mechanics to make sure the games are as fun as possible.

CluedUpp Product Team hard at work

Day in the life of the product team

Rich - Head of Product

08:00am: On certain days (generally Monday & Thursday) I’ll give the server a quick check over to see if any issues need attending to from the previous evening. As some of the cleanup functionality runs late at night, it helps to get ahead of issues.

09:00am: Quick breakdown of priorities for the day across design, development and operation teams. Jump on some of the smaller aspects of these as needed before meetings and gather any feedback from our weekend events team as available.

10:00am: Quick catch up with members of design, development or operations team leads as required.

11:00am: Onto longer form tasks. I hop between planning, backend development and small internal/admin design tasks as needed.

Much of my day-to-day is attempting to clear obstacles from the various teams to allow them to move forwards: be that helping with a design spec, finding some assets for a particular issue or specifying details for a new component/feature of the admin panel. The team are all more than capable so sometimes just talking through an issue/feature is enough.

1:00pm-ish… Lunch Al Desko. Try to get a little research in with an eye towards future projects.

2:00pm: Another quick catch-up with team leads as required.

3:00pm: More longer form tasks. Occasionally some more impromptu meetings as required. Throughout the day I attempt to check in with the various teams. Everyone is so well organised, I have to be careful not to become a hindrance!

4.30pm-5pm: Head home. Depending on the project (and the kids) I’ll occasionally dip in to tidy/finish up some pieces after hours just to set me up in preparation for the next day.

Rich and Steve - Product Team at CluedUpp

Stephen - Senior Unity Developer 

07:00am: Get out of bed, and begin the morning routine, unless the milk is off, then we curse our lack of foresight and resolve to buy breakfast from the canteen.

08:00am: Use the hour before the canteen opens to polish any code I was working on the previous evening, as code can become a bit fragmented and rough late in the day. Chat with the other early birds and pick an office playlist that will hopefully survive at least until lunch time whilst working through morning tasks.

09:00am: Go to the canteen for habitual Mocha purchase, and possible breakfast. Have an informal catch up with Rich affirming current tasks and work plan for the day. Then proceed to the most productive period of the day, the time after coffee and before lunch.

12:00pm: Lunch time, all work stops, nothing interrupts lunch!

1:00pm: Lament that lunch is over, get back to work. Keep chatting informally to Rich and refining client server interactions and usually spend this time discussing new and existing features.

3:30pm: Begin wrapping up code and making comments/notes as to what we’ve achieved and what is outstanding. I have a quick review of changes made for the day and see if the code is working, then commit our changes to the current development branch of our source control solution.

Rich - Head of Product

Ollie - Product Designer 

08:30am: Most days start exactly where I left off the night before. Review which designs are outstanding and which ones need further ideation

09:00am: Work on design tasks including sketching, wireframing, and user flows

10:00am: Catch up my manager to present the day's/week's designs and decide on next steps

10:30am - 1:00pm: Create and iterate on discussed components, mockups and user flows, and periodically send these for approval and/or further discussion.

1:00pm-1:30pm: Weather permitting, I like to go for a quick walk, get some perspective and return fresh for the afternoon.

1:30pm - 5:30pm: Continue with my design tasks and revisit past designs to look for improvements.

5:30pm: Knock off, play games, exercise, drink tea, read books (current book - Japonisme, which is how the western world could take note of how eastern cultures approach their work and life. Very interesting.)

Day in the life of a product team

Now you know what goes into the overall running of the events and the app gameplay, why don’t you give this award-winning app a try yourself?



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