Jumping in sacks, welly wanging and lots of falling over…

That’s what happened at CluedUpp Games HQ’s first ever Sports Day!


The CluedUpp Team together for sports day

At CluedUpp Games, our ethos is all about bringing families, friends and colleagues together in unique and fun ways. And that’s the same internally too - with our colleagues living near, far and inbetween, nothing says bringing everyone together for some team building quite like a good old-fashioned sports day.

Which team proved themselves as the ultimate champions? And who ended up with egg (and spoon) on their face? Find out all the gory details below…

CluedUpp Team competing in the egg & spoon race

The day began with a not-so-thorough warm up of nearly touching toes and sort-of star jumping before splitting into teams. It was Team WorkedUpp, led by Nicole, vs Team Count Dogula, led by Tara, with our Head of HR, Nicki, officiating the day (and making sure Tref, our CEO, didn’t cheat!).

The first sport everyone took part in was an old-school sack race, a straight dash whilst jumping in sacks which were far too small for purpose. Looking incredibly silly and with lots of people falling over (our Digital Marketing Exec, Nicole, took the biggest tumble), it’s not surprising the sack race hasn’t yet graced the Olympic track.

Everyone took a turn, and both teams came out winning the same amount of races. Points are level going into round two - game on!

CluedUpp Sports Day

Next up, the egg and spoon race - a couple of humpty dumpty’s occured when certain members of the team kept dropping and standing on the eggs. Overall, a nice smooth race with equal races being won by both teams.

It’s looking like a tight race. Although that didn’t stop eCommerce Manager, Eliot from jumping across the finishing line!

On to a game of skill and strength next as we went Welly Wanging. A lot of boots were thrown in a lot of directions. “Take cover” was shouted more than once. But it was Tref that came out as champion, displaying a truly breath-taking 25m long wang, earning team Count Dogula 20 points.

CluedUpp welly wanging


Ever heard that sport is a substitute for war? Sometimes you can have both. There was a tense staredown as both teams lined up for the Tug of War. Fun time was over, kids.

There was plenty of jostling before the starting whistle, each team eager to crush their opponent. After a few choice words, hand gestures, and animal-like snarls directed each way, the war had started.

Not quite the 100 years war, Team WorkedUpp handily dragged their unworthy foe across the line and onto the floor. And they’ve taken the lead.

To soften the mood, and so as not to exaggerate rope burn, we went for a change of pace with the bean bag throw. The crowd stared on in quiet anticipation as each player took to the stand to throw a bag a short distance into a small hole.

It was Rob who proved calmest under pressure, earning vital points for Team WorkedUpp. Count Dogula were looking worried. A three-legged race followed next, and got a lot of us feeling jelly legged by then end.

Tied in ungainly pairs, we staggered and limped across the line, but it was Luke and Stephen proving that teamwork makes the dream work with their resounding victory as Count Dogula came out on top.

Pressure on… the scores were getting tight!

The day ended with a wheelbarrow race (a complicated matter trying to work out who would assume the unsavoury position) followed by a big team sprint - where at least half the office went before the whistle, the ruddy cheats - not that I’m bitter.

But the scores were finally in… *drum roll*.

Team WorkedUpp scored a total of 192, leaving Team Count Dogula the almighty champions with 202 points. So close, but not close enough!

The teams all celebrated together with an array of sweet and savoury treats over a picnic followed by a test of our brand new Alice in Wonderland game (only 5 weeks to go until Wonderland is released!)

Work hard, but play harder! Why not do the same and book your next team building outdoor adventure?



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