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CluedUpp Update

Cluedupp operates games across the world and we are naturally concerned regarding the current Coronavirus outbreak. As such, we are constantly staying alert to the changing circumstances using local government guidance to make decisions regarding possible event postponements.

In countries where the local government has banned outdoor events completely, we will be required to postpone your event to a future date. We will contact you by email if this is the case. Tickets are non-refundable but are fully exchangeable and will be automatically transferred to the rescheduled date. You may also exchange your ticket for an alternative in a different city if that is preferred. 

In countries where the government has not enforced such measures (or have only banned events over 250 people or more) we are expecting that our games will still be going ahead. 

We are fortunate (if that is the right word) to be slightly different to other events in that ours is at the lower end of the risk scale. Participant numbers are relatively low and teams are spread out over some distance - never coming into direct contact with each other during the game. 

Naturally the decision to take part can only be taken individually on a case by case basis by participants and we absolutely understand those who would rather give it a miss. 

Whilst tickets are non-refundable, they are fully transferable, so you are more than welcome to join any other of our events either in your city or indeed anywhere else

Please bear with us during this challenging and unprecedented period. We are doing everything we can to keep on top of this ever changing situation and will endeavour to keep our customers informed. 

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