As of 4th July, we are back! We’re extremely excited to bring our detective days to you again - thanks so much to all of you who have been so understanding over the last couple of months.

We have introduced some new regulations, to make sure everyone is safe, well and happy whilst out there solving clues.

  • The number of participating teams has been strictly limited
  • We have split teams into different start locations
  • The entirety of the game is outdoors in the open air with no indoor spaces whatsoever
  • The only people you will be within 2m of are your teammates (don’t worry, the witnesses you will be interrogating are virtual!) but please stay aware of other people and abide by social distancing rules
  • If you are approaching a witness location point and see a couple of groups there already, either visit another witness first or press pause (to keep your game time nice and speedy!) and wait until it’s cleared           
  • We have extended the start and finish window to allow players to spread their start times across the day
  • We have swapper winners’ medals for digital gift vouchers                                                                      
  • If you have any symptoms of Coronavirus please do not attend - talk to us as we’re more than happy to exchange your ticket for a later date.

We are looking forward to hearing about your adventures - make sure to get in touch, and share your pictures with us on Facebook or Instagram 🕵️‍♂️😊


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