The Alice in Wonderland experience launched this weekend… and you’re not too late to join!

This weekend was full of tomfoolery, tumbling down rabbit holes, playing topsy-turvy mini games, successfully saving Alice and some even had time for a spot of tea!

Let’s take a look and see what teams across the globe got up to during the first Alice in Wonderland adventures…



Curiouser and curiouser numbers…

A rabbit hole appearedin over 30 locations including Wagga Wagga, Dundee, Durban, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Budapest, Warsaw, Zagreb, Townsville and many more.

Over 4000 teams participated with 96% of themsucceeding in their task to save Alice.

Several prizes were handed out for the best dressed team, best team name, best mini player and best pawesome pet!

There were photoshopped pictures, Mad Hatter’s tea parties and even two real-life rabbits came to take part. Impossible? Nothing’s impossible!

Our favourite wonder-ful team names…

Hearts and Tarts

The Queen of Farts

The Cheshire Collective

Babes in Wonderland

The Flamingo Mallets

The Mad, The Bad and the Hare

And the reviews for Wonderland are in…

“CluedUpp’s Alice in Wonderland challenge was loads of fun. Titillating to see the awesome costumes from so many different teams and the in app puzzles were great for the whole family. Was a fun physical activity for the fam and a real buzz in the local community.”

“I found Alice in Wonderland to be so much fun. The family could all do it even our dog had a ball. Loved the interaction with other teams, lots of smiles and laughter. The riddle and clues were so chalengingly fun. Will do it again when it comes back for sure.”

“Three years ago we had our Alice in Wonderland wedding, so booked a day to celebrate the anniversary. The actual day surpassed our expectations, took us down the proverbial rabbit whole and connected us to ourhome city in a whole new way. Such fun to have a city full of Alice fans, like the most delicious secret hidden in a plain sight. Cant wait for the next day, thanks so much for the best time ever”

“I had no idea what to except going into this and was very happy with the entire event! Yes, everything is done on the app and there's nothing physical to do; however, it was an experience! They incorporate landmarks in the area and have a wide variety of tasks you must complete.

I was in aw at the theme as well. You didn't need to know everything about Alice in Wonderland, but they kept the theme throughout the whole event. So many people dressed up I actually had to wait to start my game for a half hour because I was overwhelmed. I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and it's not a popular I see a lot, so this was absolutely amazing to me.

Can't wait to do another event, but would love if this was a theme again!”

Are you ready to gather your friends, decipher the clues and save Alice from the Queen of Hearts? You must be mad, but all the best people are! So find your nearest adventure today…

And don’t forget: under 16’s play for free!



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